We Shall Overcome… Our Lack of Standardized Tests!?

We Shall Overcome… Our Lack of Standardized Tests!?.1 in 3 is NOT Ok! Neither side, conservative or liberal, democrat or republican, protest and antitest, pro-public education or against it, regardless, both sides, all sides, have a hold and grasp of our children in a giant maw and wishing them no harm, neither side, has a clue what to do with them, as the children slowly, clearly, visibly even to the powers that are doing the damage, bleeding-out. Declare that the TEST results are in, the purpose fulfilled – the originators justified – THE WAR IS WON – SUCCESS – THE DATA IS IN – now it is time to face this data and act on it – DO NOT LET EITHER SIDE CONTINUE THIS SHELL GAME WITH THE BRAINS AND FUTURES OF YOUR CHILDREN – THEY CANNOT READ – PUNISHMENT HAS FAILED AND NEITHER SIDE IS WILLING TO LET GO OF YOUR – OUR – CHILDREN – FORCE THEM NOW OR NEVER – 1 in 3 is NOT OK! – Things are consolidating, so really need to move. We adults in education implicitly are biased to a common cultural norm to expect a future of violence and scarcity and try to punish our children into being prepared for this world of our expectation. This is NOT the only reality – our children have chosen another. ACT NOW on the TEST RESULTS – Declare the BUSH – REAGAN – SCOTT Testing Trial-by-Fire a Raging Success in that NEITHER Side Can Dispute the CLEAR Results – It is Time to face the music. No losers – just our kids as winners of schools modeled on museums, a place of loving sanctuary, and not a corporate people-farm modeled on a prison. 1 in 3 is NOT Ok! Ok?