Peter Greene: The Broad Superintendent and His Master’s Voice

You are OUTED Superintendent Runcie of Broward Florida: The Broad Superintendent’s Master’s Voice via @dianeravitch

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene made a discovery. He unraveled a secret that puzzled those who watch the career trajectories of Broad superintendents. Why did Briadie Superintendent John Covington leave the Kansas City school district that he promised to “save” before it was saved? He abruptly left, surprising many in Kansas City who thought he had made a commitment to stay.

Was it the higher salary for the leader of Michigan’s new Educational Achievement Authority? No.

Peter found the answer: Covington left Kansas City for the EAA because Eli Broad told him to.

When Eli calls, his disciples listen.

The EAA was supposed to be the proof point for Broad’s educational theories. No school board. Total control. It failed. Covington bailed out, amidst complaints about his expense account.

After more than a dozen years of “training” urban superintendents in his unaccredited program, Eli  has no successes. Yet he is pushing to take control…

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