A Do-Over of $200 Billion Tobacco Lawsuit is being called for based on Collusion of all Parties to Secure a Deal while Misleading the Public – Will it be $500 Billion this time?

REOPEN THE $200 BILLION DOLLAR BIG-TOBACCO SETTLEMENT! Did segregationists in Big-Government and Big-Corporate-Tobacco HIDE data showing a countervailing LONGEVITY-EFFECT in order to secure a settlement & avoid bankruptcy from individual tobacco lawsuits? This could show the first proven ability to extend mankind’s maximum lifespan and if so, then by definition deliver unheard of reductions in all of the main NCD’s – Non Communicable Diseases – Cardiovascular/Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, Asthma, and Arthritis.

Did we really create an entire charter industry in order to PROTECT kids from PUBLIC-SCHOOL Teachers – Seriously? Here is evidence that Big-Government and Big-Tobacco Corporate and Attorney Interests were all in together on the deal to hurriedly secure solvency for Big Tobacco and they deceived the public to do it. Big Corporate interests, Big Government and Big Science all had to hide this scientific information or else the tobacco settlement would NOT have happened – so they hid it.


HERE it is; the SMOKING GUN – Use this information to Fight for Kids to WIN! Historical documents now being made public show (bigot and segregationist-led and controlled) big-government, big-company, and big-science taking concerted coordinated actions inexplicable otherwise but that they were hiding information bearing on LONGEVITY and SMOKING. Here are Big-Tobacco corporate memo’s which show these actions as being clearly intentional to hide the truth of the scientific data. We must Re-Crunch the old-original five largest-ever longitudinal human-study datasets to find the truth.


DRAFT SAMPLE LETTER to Longevity Experts


To whom it may concern,
IS IT POSSIBLE THERE’S A POSITIVE FACTOR RELATED TO SMOKING TOBACCO (such as decreased lung function and oxygen uptake) not known till now? (to longevity researchers such as attended the recent RAADfest.COM)



A “yes,” it’s POSSIBLE there’s a countervailing positive factor to smoking will be a Call to  Action – to Fight for Kids, OK? Many children and teachers are beneficiaries of the tobacco settlement. Are they being done right?
The frequent school-board speaker and tobacco-documents provider does not claim proof of anything, but provides evidence and poses a hypothesis. Corroborative information purports to show a mildly contravening (pos.) factor acting to increase Maximum Lifespan Average (top 10% only) in ALL studies done related to tobacco on both humans and animals. Examples are given in all five large human-study data-sets and numerous quotes of internal tobacco and ACS researchers are cited retrieved and taken from the many millions of documents archived as part of the tobacco case. Before looking for possible collusion there must be motivation for collusion or any wrongdoing of any sort – the first thing we must ask is;


If so, it is then this could mean years added to the lives of ALL of the MAJOR killers; cancers, heart disease, strokes, all of them and be the 1st Scientifically Demonstrated Physiological Extension of the Human Lifespan Beyond its Natural Normative Limit (if proved true).
Thank you.



Why bring this information out now?

(1) What does “increased longevity” really mean? Increased longevity means the all of the big killers, Cancer, Heart Disease, Strokes – all of them could see as much as double-digit reductions in CURRENT mortality rates for these disease – Why is this a potentially BIG deal, why all the fuss about a few more years if that? For perspective keep in mind that even a relatively small 5% effect on any one of these, let alone all of them is normally cause for great celebration. NCD’s – Non Communicable Diseases – Cardiovascular/Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, Asthma, and Arthritis – NCD’s in California alone cost over $100 billion per year. Also of note; this year (2016) for the first time in American history the national mortality rate shows us dying sooner than our predecessors so children born today cannot count on living longer than their parents.



(2) Two in three children in America are financially insecure – this means housing and food are constant stressor and every child knows exactly where they stand in the social order of priorities – children know exactly where they fit in the order of things. Every time a teacher has a student fetch a plastic toy bin to empty and put under a leaking roof in their classroom – children know exactly where they stand in the order of things. We (adults) are damaged, not the children. One in Three Children in the U.S. is abused or neglected to the degree that it would be criminally prosecutable. Children aren’t doing the neglect or abuse, adults are; adults that were once children and were treated in this same disrespectful fashion – now we treat all children like this institutionally and wash our hands of the matter. In some regions of the country so many children suffer so greatly that it is no different than an epidemic except instead of being transmitted by air or water the affliction is behaviorally transmitted. In these regions the high numbers of adults and children suffering crisis has spawned pathological cultures and communities where all residents suffer with equanimity, rich and poor alike, and the pathology becomes ingrained into the very institutions and laws in these communities.


(3) Public Education in America DID NOT fail because of “bad” teachers or “bad” kids or “bad” parents! But make no mistake, both private and public education in America are STILL failing,  although no one will know it for a long time since there won’t be any way to tell. Additional whole generations of kids will be lost. Both public and private schools are failing; WE ARE FAILING OUR KIDS, OUR KIDS AREN’T FAILING US!


(4) Big-Government, Big-Education, and Big-Corporate Segregationist-Interests have TEACHERS and KIDS on the ropes! Did PUBLIC EDUCATION in AMERICA *really* FAIL BECAUSE OF TEACHERS? We are all told that times are desperate and we must SAVE our children from Public Schools by opening Charter Schools as fast as humanly possible to SAVE them from… from what? Did we really create an entire charter industry in order to PROTECT kids from teachers – Seriously?



What is the “BIG PICTURE?”

Standing back from all the minutiae provided and shown in these documents and papers now being released enables one to begin to see a larger picture take form, like standing back from a painting by Monet who used pointillist dots of color imperceptible as representing an image until one stands back a suitable distance. Perusing the various data points provided in these papers and more to follow will show and make visible the degree of collusion between Big Science and Big Government to get Big-Company Tobacco completely off the hook and safe from future lawsuits. Read the provided materials and weep as the various pieces assemble to form a cohesive image of what transpired not that long ago right at the very beginning of mankind’s New Century and Millennium – 2000. All of us know that we are nearing our pre-adult period as a as an evolved species just getting the feel of our surrounding and our own capabilities, like a teenager that still must figure out what to do with such long arms and legs, our first forays into the world may be awkward and fumbling, but we will soon enough find our place to take control of our destiny and find harmony with our surroundings and ourselves.



To Live Long and Prosper, or NOT; that REALLY IS the Question.


It is critical to determine if a countervailing (positive-health outcome) CONFOUNDING-Factor might possibly exist – is it possible? Might there have been a mildly positive confounding factor either in tobacco or separately as the consequence of the act of smoking due to decreased lung function, or some other factor? Is this possible, can you help?


That this needs investigation there is NO DOUBT and we await only additional facts – but this may not be all of the wrong-doing. With hindsight we can also now see that there was an untoward degree of tight coordination and agreement among these parties all along which close relationships continued long after the settlement. The closeness of Big-Tobacco. Big-Government & Big-Science was not seen as a big concern at the time. Now, as more is known about the whole affair, this closeness now appears increasingly incriminating and suspicious in retrospect.


It now appears there may have been planning involved from day one to siphon off this $200 Billion Dollar “windfall” of education funding directly back into Big-Company pockets through the planned dismantling of the nation’s public education system and replacing of it with a FOR-PROFIT charter system.


A Public Crowdfunding Effort may perhaps be undertaken soon, or perhaps financed by the government itself or even independent attorneys and firms may step up to see it done and more quickly then be able to secure a piece of the anticipated settlement to come, even larger than the first. All this will happen – it is each of our responsibilities to children to do all each of us can to make it happen as fast as possible.


EDUCATORS, TEACHERS, PARENTS, Stand up for both kids & yourselves too – Kids CANNOT! WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION on this because CHILDREN do not have a voice or the knowledge to protect each other. WE HAVE TO ACT because 1 in 3 kids is neglected or abused as the result of this societal indifference and WE are complicit in this neglect and abuse IF WE FAIL to act now and fix this – if not you, me, us – then who?
SEGREGATION: Did Too Many Bad Teachers *really* KILL Public Education, or did the deep-south segregationist lobby which is synonymous with Big-Old-Boys-style Big-Company BIG-TOBACCO? Same as back-room Chicago-Style big-old-boys – see the pattern, got the picture?


Flush with cash and still celebrating their big win over the public interest;

Big-Company and Attorney tobacco and other interests then undertook a well-planned and coordinated lobbying effort sustained for decades and to this very day against public education. Major efforts were made by those benefiting most from the settlement windfall to donate and influence legit entities and dilute their messaging from within. This dark cabal composed of settlement profiteer’s appears to have simultaneously created countless sham but supposedly public organizations with misleading names from their real intent and purpose.
And finally, this new power block then set about to secure new laws and ways to access those same education dollars through FOR-PROFIT schools and charters. There was, and is, nothing to stop them. They did it. They are doing it now. What are we going to do about it? If YOU can do something, do it, because 1 in 3 kids deprived and ignored is the result not of their being deprivation of financial resources alone – WORSE than the financial deprivation of our own children and their education system has been and still is the apathetic psychologically hurtful, traumatized and damaged encircling community, culture, and society that stands silent to this day, watching it all come down. Be silent no more. Demand an Investigation and Re-Opening of the Tobacco Settlement! Enough is enough – Do not go silently slinking into the cold dark night and drag your children in with you – Save Public Education and Public Teachers in America and Face Deep-South Segregationist Big Tobacco Down – Knock them out COLD this Time – Fight for Kids!


DID “BAD” TEACHERS *really* DESTROY public education in America and make it unworkable? How does this make sense to anyone? Is this a great example of a “hole” in our collective heads, perhaps?


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“>July 14, 2016</a></blockquote>



There is a Longevity and Techno-Gaia-nist CROWDFUNDED website ( https://www.lifespan.io/how-it-works/ and also https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2013/06/crowdsourced-microfunding-of-research-at-longecity/ ) that would be ideal to post the “ASK” and Question that needs answering – for example – A number of routes exist for time to be donated on the big government supercomputers that are needed to RE-crunch the huge data-sets that, for example, are used in the five largest longitudinal studies of smoking and health – and which thanks to a recent act of Congress, the public now has access to without having to be a member of the American Cancer society, any Univ. Research Consortiums, or Big Tobacco and this means not having to sign an agreement to not research any positive outcomes nor publish any positive results related to smoking and health. It hasn’t been possible to even get to the data until now.


CROWDFUNDING? – This is perfect for crowdfunding – crunch the data and do what is called a Meta-Study of all prior existing studies – this is EXACTLY what all of my documentation and verbiage is, a preliminary to a full scale meta-study and re-crunching of the old data and old studies in light of modern knowledge of systems-physiology and genomics – all of which is ideal for a small crowdfunded effort in the quarter of a million range or less, perhaps as little as $50k with enough donated time and resources.
ACTION! – After looking at the old data, if anything is found, then things will already be in place to look at more recent information related to Big-Tobacco goings-on, yes? There may also be a current need to adequately search and re-organize the current tobacco repository of millions of tobacco documents. Current Big-Tobacco documents can be added by court request and public insistence – more recent research and memos can be secured from worldwide operations given that this is how things are done now that Big Tobacco has gotten even BIGGER since the settling of the prior class action threat by Congress.
IF NOT TEACHERS; what is KILLING Public Education in America? We usually blame the most voiceless victims themselves. We do still; children, elderly, homeless, sick and infirm.

These are the burdens on society that overtaxed the financial system and rotted-out the moral and legal codes to Destroy Public Education, right?
TIE-DYE OLD-DUDE IN VIDEO says he wants a DO-OVER of the $200 Billion Big-Tobacco/Big-Education Settlement REVEAL at 2 hours-into the attached BECON TV video, check it out.




– ONE IN THREE is abused or neglected and this IS NOT OK, OK?


– Any Justice Applied against Kids is an Immoral Injustice against Humanity, OK?
– To train the dog, horse, or child to war is be the lowest form of life imaginable, OK?
– Error is an Opportunity to Learn, Not an Opportunity to Punish or Be Punished, OK?




That is was teachers that killed public education in America and made it unworkable; DOES THIS REALLY MAKE ANY SENSE?
IF NOT TEACHERS, WHAT? What is KILLING Public Education in America? Anyone know? Anyone want to guess?



Various EXERPTS from the Recently Revealed 2016 Tobacco Longevity Documents and report;
1st Scientifically Demonstrated Physiological Extension of the Human Lifespan Beyond its Natural Normative Limit (if found true).
In laboratory experiments with animals and insects a reduced caloric intake, increased anti-oxidant gene expression, lowered body temperature, lowered metabolism, and reduced oxygen availability have been scientifically proven or demonstrated to also hold true in humans. The results of related work on the lifespans of primates, almost as long-lived as we are, are only just now coming in. If the implications of this research prove out, then what would be shown is the first ever demonstration of the extension of the maximum human lifespan MLS beyond its natural limit. It is known that maximum rather than average lifespan provides a more meaningful indicator of the underlying rate of aging.
The increase of maximum lifespan, MLS can be shown using pre-existing data from multiple large epidemiological studies. Only now have these studies begun to provide data sets among the oldest-old large enough that a positive result might be conclusively shown. In corroboration of these unanticipated results, one need not rely solely on the results of epidemiological studies. Both animal and human studies having laboratory controls and protocols corroborate the data from human epidemiological studies. These appear to show a physiological extension of the human lifespan may be possible beyond the natural maximum limit of from 105 to 110 years for those that have had only average or below average exposure to tobacco or tobacco products – to as much as 115 – 125 years for those that have had a very mild continuous or one brief intense period of exposure to tobacco followed by a long period of its absence. In support of this are the results of existing government and taxpayer supported institutional research studies and controlled experiments involving both humans and animals. Each of the five largest longitudinal U.S. epidemiological studies appear to show an increased maximum life span attainable of 5% to 15% to be more likely, not less, in those who are classified as non-abusers that smoke moderately for 5-20 years and then quit than for NEVER-SMOKERS.
By eliminating compulsive users of tobacco from the data and focusing on former smokers only, a detailed review of each of the FIVE LARGEST nation-wide longitudinal epidemiological studies of smoking and health show increased 5-15% life-spans for many responsible light/moderate and ex-smokers even when compared to the maximum life-spans, the oldest 10% of never-smokers. This is astounding upon reflection. It is however of note that the differences are relatively small per any one study. As a result, this already small variation and confounding factor is yet further obscured by the fact that the oldest-old in such studies tend to be very few in any one study. In any single study such anomalies were thus typically excused away. It is notable that a pattern can be seen in that this same anomalous small difference is evident in not one, or a couple, but in all of the main studies ever undertaken.


The anomalous data indicating a beneficial longevity protective factor is MOST PRONOUNCED when COMPARING FORMER and LIGHT SMOKERS to *Never-Smokers.*
Because the differences are relatively small the negative factors far outweigh the positive in most people so that no advisement against smoking need be reconsidered in the least – rather, a new more positive motivation to quit is envisioned. Also because these differences are small compared to the harm at least, only by being aware of and looking for corroborating data from other human and also animal studies was the overall pattern of consistently outlying data points made visible for any to see.
This problem was exacerbated by a peculiar edict coming from the Attorney General’s office in which it was stated that researchers should “avoid comparisons of quit-former to never-smokers” in regard the publishing of epidemiological research and data on humans.
Internal researcher and management memo’s point out that despite the positive results showing animal models living longer, since everyone knows smoking kills, the results are meaningless.


Everyone knew. So did the American Cancer Society – to even be granted access to the largest datasets one had to first sign an agreement to not publish nor use the data to show any positive effects. This was not science as it is supposed to be done, not remotely. Everyone colluded. When no cancer could be caused in animal models from smoke inhalation, skin irritation on the necks of the animals was noted where they were fit into collars for the smoke inhalation experiments and this evolved into the modern standard test for carcinogenicity – not to have animals smoke but to paint their skin with tobacco tar and call it close-enough.
In study after study a strong implicit bias was found, for example in this Oregon study; quote; “In subsequent analyses we collapse the oldest age groups and examine individuals aged 75 and over to minimize the likelihood of chance variation in the mortality of the oldest decedents and to lessen their impact on life expectancies on earlier age categories. The life expectancy derived from our data for the oldest males was 1.3 years greater than that estimated by the vital statistics data.”
The rationale for halting chronic-inhalation longevity studies is here directly quoted from a December 21, 1976 internal Tobacco company memo that was SPECIFICALLY in reference to a chart in a study clearly showing the smoking animals to be longer-lived – the entire graph-line was clearly shifted to the right ahead of its trailing mirror twins, the eyes don’t lie; “IT APPEARS TO ME THAT EVEN POSITIVE RESULTS WOULD BE MEANINGLESS IN LIGHT OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE WHERE STATISTICAL EVIDENCE INDICATES THAT LONGEVITY IS ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY SMOKING.”
Note that no mention was made in regard there being any humane or animal cruelty issues, nor any scientific, monetary, or time factor issues mentioned having anything to do with the decision making process leading to the cessation of their animal research longevity efforts. And here is yet another such quote taken from a subsequently published paper, “This second inhalation study was the first designed to use long-term or lifetime chronic smoke exposure. Future studies were to address such variables as specie sensitivity, smoke exposure regimen, smoke dose, cigarette type, and duration of exposure. However, after initiation of this second study, it was decided NOT TO PERFORM ANY OTHER LONG-TERM SMOKE INHALATION STUDIES thus, the main objective of theis second inhalation study was to determine the potential biological activity of daily…”


And perhaps most damning; Smoking and Tobacco Control Monograph No. 8, American Cancer Society; Relative Risks (RR’s) – “To assess the impact on mortality risk among FORMER SMOKERS by time since stopping, we followed the suggestion of the 1990 U.S. Surgeon General’s report to use Current Smokers as the Reference Category (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1990)


Included studies are;
U.S. Veterans: 1954 – 300,000 cohorts – 26 years of follow-up.


Cancer Prevention Study, CPS I: 1959 – 1,078,894 cohorts – 12 years of follow-up.


Kaiser Permanente: 1979 – 60,838 cohorts – 6.1 years of follow-up


Nurses Health Study: 1976 – 121,700 cohorts – 12 years of follow-up.
CPS II: 1982 – 1,185,106 cohorts – 6 years of follow-up.


In light of all of the above-noted peculiarities and many others in the hundreds of pages provided – It may be that a human hibernation-response (a metabolic slowing, not torpor, not true hibernation) affecting a wide range of genes and physiological systems may have been triggered by the reduced oxygen and/or reduced oxygen alone, or perhaps also in combination with one or more other factors, said factor or factors could be a biologic factor in tobacco, perhaps nicotine related or other, or nothing to do with tobacco other than as a causal agent to reduce oxygen uptake in a specific way.
Only in the past few years have these prior anomalies and ambiguities become explainable as being part of a pattern just now being made visible by the science of our own current day.


When extreme polarization occurs on a scientific matter involving strong emotional and intellectual issues then conclusion vindication preconceived convictions are often desired so badly by those on both sides that scientific integrity can be compromised, intentionally and inadvertently.




$200 Billion Big Education & Big Tobacco Reveal at 2 hours – https://becon223.eduvision.tv/default.aspx?q=CT1wecDsedAzX1a1lJwfwQ%253d%253d#.V6FNKmbV2ic.facebook


Mr. Sirbola is providing papers gathered and written decades ago that describe the situation as he saw things twenty or so years ago and don’t reflect the writer’s current views on the matter in many instances – the papers written years ago describe the tobacco companies and their presumably sheepish scientists as likely bumpkins in relation to the attorneys where all suffer as victims of a generalized societal zeitgeist to scapegoat themselves without really realizing they are doing it.
The authors current view is one that asks whether or not there was collusion between all involved parties equally in on the game to secure profit and gain for themselves. It should be looked into. The settlement was critical to the very survival of Big Tobacco to clear all of them of lawsuits that threatened to BANKCRUPT them just as it had the asbestos industry.
Mr. Sirbola also makes mention that he may have both inadvertently started the tobacco settlement case and then later had influence in its ending. If so this would have been the result of a prior history and involvement at the inception and end-period of the tobacco settlement, and is mentioned as footnotes of interest, not of relevance (plus I’m curious). In regard these two fanciful conjectures, although confident of the facts claimed, the hypothesized linkages between those facts may indeed be circumstantial – can be looked into much later if ever.
THIS NEEDS LOOKING INTO: What of the curiously concurrent timelines showing the rise of the Charters and the Tobacco Settlement at the same time?


We are all told that times are desperate and we must SAVE our children from Public Schools by opening Charter Schools as fast as humanly possible to SAVE them from… from what? Did we really create an entire charter industry in order to PROTECT kids from teachers – Seriously?
The public speaker at this Aug 2 school board meeting and provider of this new information about the tobacco settlement now questions whether the concurrent timelines of the tobacco settlement and the big push for Big Companies to take over Big Education was simply coincidental. Huge amounts of money have stopped flowing one way to flow another, like the great Mississippi suddenly up and reversing course. It hasn’t been just Federal monies to be diverted and stopped from flowing, but the much larger State and local monies are now flowing from the public domain into private Big Company hands at a torrential speed. If this was intentional and not coincidental then it was a very impressive sleight of hand and very smoothly executed as well – if indeed that is what it was! I wonder, do you as well?
All gobbled-up – a whole big huge branch of government, Public-Education – CHOPPED RIGHT OFF – Almost – Add-in in the local education money now going to charters plus other dollars and the number is staggering – the $200 billion would be just the very top of a giant iceberg of a public rip-off all done in the name of saving our children from – from what again, let’s hear it again, what is the group-consensus, supposedly at least – Teachers – Right? Really?


BIG Tobacco IS WHAT “THE SOUTH” IS – Get it?
BIG Tobacco IS the “SOUTH,” and all it represents, OK?
I wonder if it may not have been the $200 Billion lure kept constant over time coincident with the ultra-conservatives return to separation of the “races” as they see it by BREAKING UP PUBLIC EDUCATION to return America to the SHAME of SEGREGATION. The Big-Education, Big-Southern US Tobacco, Big Segregationist Christian-far-right-Government Health-Care (American Cancers Society, International Consortium of Research Universities, National Institutes of Health). The carrot of opportunity in the $200 Billion and the headiness of the legal, political and financial power it carried may be what got the whole Charter-school as the way to bring-back-segregation thing started and the basis that keeps it going to this day – this wouldn’t surprise me. Would it surprise any reader? I wonder along with you – too.
The Charter movement and the Tobacco Settlement coincided – We are dismantling our public education system which in the 1860’s was looked upon as being something implicit in the very Constitution of the United States itself.
End the public school system; Why? Seriously, stop a moment and give a solid answer if you can – why exactly?
Competition, especially free market competition without rules DOES NOT lead to optimums, it leads to minimums that optimize for limited bounded survival, not thriving and un-bounded growing. The foundation of what lay people think of as “free market competition” and “evolution” does NOT lead to optimums, mankind is NOT a “peak” of evolution, nor is a lion, tiger, bear, elephant or blue whale – evolution is BLIND and does not have a goal or target of developing great or superior intelligence, strength, or speed – it actually seeks to avoid having to expend the energy these all require if it can manage to survive well enough without. Opinions and facts can become blurred – Fact. There’s no such thing as “trickle down,” to an economic scientist it’s like saying the Earth is flat. The firmness of ones belief in the Earth’s flatness changes its curvature not one bit.


In the short 3 minute presentation/speech to the school board of the school district of Broward county, SBBC & SDBC, Florida on August 2, 2016 – public speaker; Michael Sirbola in addition to speaking to a POSSIBLE REVISITING and possibly RE-OPENING of  the $200 BILLION Big-Tobacco & Big-Education Settlement DO-OVER there was discussion made to local children being left in the streets and its relation to community and institutional complex post-traumatic stress syndrome as a spectrum disorder.



1 IN 3 IS NOT OK, OK? IT IS TIME TO FILE AN INSTITUTIONAL Complex-PTSD CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ON BEHALF OF TEACHERS, STUDENTS, NURSES, HEALTH CARE WORKERS, POLICE, FIRE AND FIRST RESPONDERS IN BROWARD, OK? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This proposed class-action lawsuit can be loosely patterned on the $1 Billion suit recently WON in Compton, California which was filed by community, teachers and students jointly – all on the same side of the table at last!



Complex PTSD:


This is the terminology recently incorporated in a $1 billion dollar settlement out of Compton, California that is alluring for its simplicity but which has an implicit negative bias and condemnation built into it against the very children and teachers which were on the same side in this landmark settlement where CPTSD was the central key to the entire case.
I’ve been calling for our local school district to ask the CDC to come to Broward, Florida to use us as a test case of how to flip a district from nasty to nice – from the one that very recently was known around the world as the place that handcuffs and removes more kids from classrooms in this brutal fashion than anywhere else on the planet to… to what? That is the question.
Broward county recently spent $6 million on a contract awarded to Lauren’s Kids – overseen by a local HERO-ACTIVIST for kids – to undertake a comprehensive and statistically valid study to dig down and find the real answers to the degree of homelessness, hunger, abuse and neglect of children in Broward in COLD HARD NUMBERS – NOT NUMBERS ON POVERTY – THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING POOR OR RICH – and what they found was this – 1 in 3 children is abused or neglected criminally by the age of 18.
It seems clear that filing a CPTSD CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT jointly by all those that have been stressed under a starved beyond reason Florida health un-care system for the young and old and all those dealing with them from teachers to police to firemen and health care workers and so many more… patterned on the Compton CA CLASS-ACTION suit for ONE BILLION DOLLARS that was WON – filed for all of Florida, just south Florida, or perhaps just begin right here in Broward Florida, OK?
Any Justice Applied against Kids is an Immoral Injustice against Humanity, OK?
To train the dog, horse, or child to war is be the lowest form of life imaginable, OK?
Error is an Opportunity to Learn, Not an Opportunity to Punish or Be Punished, OK?


Did Too Many Bad Teachers *really* KILL Public Education, or did the deep-south segregationist lobby which is synonymous with Big-Old-Boys-style Big-Company BIG-TOBACCO? Chicago-Style Institutional CPTSD, yes? What of our schools and children here in Broward, FL.?
When speaking to the school board earlier, I know I sounded very harsh to go from speaking of CPTSD-minds and behaviors as sounding bad as compared to “activated vs inactivated” minds and then ask everyone to Google the words “behavioral transmission of neurotoxicity” or “behavioral transmission of neurodegeneration” –my reasoning was that these phrases will lead to the relevant document (I said this to spur the board to visit http://archive.rcgov.org/lf20031001/LF100103-02.pdf ) which also better explains “activated and inactivated.” Ironic – sorry about how it sounded.
What’s the functional difference between PTSD and Complex PTSD? What’s the functional difference between PTSD and CPTSD – is it that CPTSD is a spectrum disorder and PTSD isn’t?

What is a spectrum disorder? – Answer – it means we are all on the line somewhere, everyone.
What does it mean to be “ACTIVATED” or “INACTIVATED?” What does it mean to “LEAN FORWARD” versus “AWAY-FROM?” What determines this difference?
What happens when you have an arrowhead, meteorite, and extinct giant porpoise jawbone section in your pocket? What happens if you show one of these – to any one? Can you think of any ways to tell how to separate the “Lean-Forward” from “Lean-Back” types of folk? Show a child sitting with other children at a table, or a teacher sitting with other teachers at a table, or show the family at dinner THE EXTINCT JAWBONE from a local Florida creek or perhaps the locally found ARROWHEAD – watch to see, do they as one all move forward to see better and hear better, with the closest reaching out for it and all around happy and smiling? Or the opposite; did all in attendance pull away while making scrunchy-faces? This is the secret hiding in the middle of it all as to why teaching either does, or doesn’t work. Yup, it really and truly is that simple. It’s biology. Biology is culture; culture is biology, yup-yup so true!
What does it mean to be higher than one wishes on the CPTSD-Spectrum? Is it good, or bad to be lower, or is that even a “thing?”


How does CPTSD affect how a person thinks and see’s the world?


How can one tell where one is on the CPTSD spectrum?
How can one tell where one’s community fits on the CPTSD spectrum?
“Holes” in one’s logic and brain you say – say what? The holes in our logic and head help us to process information faster so we can react faster to danger. Holes are good just like fire is good – in the right place, time, and for the right purpose used correctly. One cannot process all incoming information as if it were all equal – we’d overload instantly. Driving down the road one needs to focus on the road, passengers, radio, all kinds of things but NOT everything, one tries not to overly admire the passing clouds overhead, the cool Ferrari just behind and to the left, the birds on the wires, ad infinitum – we rely on “holes” in our perceptions AND in our heads and physical brains as well – our physical neurons are sculpted and the shape of our thoughts and of our physical brains changes and alters constantly as the result of actions upon us by our environment and by our own internally generated actions, desires and free will and life spirit.
It’s not just about what one wants to learn today, it’s also about what one wants to forget today, OK?


What is Traumatic Stress?

One is being reactive when one takes offence at being told one has a place on the CPTSD-Spectrum. So why tell someone this? We aren’t animals – animals have less choice than we do as to whether they wish to Rise Above Their Programmed Biology by being self-aware of their hierarchical inclinations and urge to see the world dichotomously as good and bad – we are not good or bad and neither is the word. We are not good and bad, we are not with and without holes, we are not CPTSD and Non-CPTSD, these are not real things any of them even though this is exactly how we often see things. There is aware and not aware.
No bad – just not very aware. No good – just more aware.


The reason people coined the term “spectrum” was to communicate that WE ALL have a place on the line, every single last one of us. We All One, OK?


Be proud of the holes in your head, but be wary of them too. “Holes” doesn’t sound good to most people – Have a big hole in your head, brag about it? Seems unlikely – but I’m about to – I’m blind as a bat to all kinds of things other see as absolutely critical to their very survival and existence – I watch teams of brave souls, leaf-blowers held high marching into the fray to move the leaves up the street one way, then back up again, back and forth, confusing the poor wind no end.


When a school districts staff is underfunded, everyone overworked, under-appreciated, and without support or resources – and this is bragged about by ones superiors as being a good thing to be the SMALLEST AND MOST UNDERSTAFFED in the State as a thing of PRIDE – this is called a CPTSD inducing STRESSFUL environment that causes stress-reactive behaviors in people.

What to do with a Whole Pile of Holes in a Heap;


I’ve seen people, irritated at having to do the chore, wash the same load of laundry over and over for years until unrecognizable as clothes and barely so as rags. No one owned or wore these items, not for years. After washing they’d be tossed into the same corner to sit. There they may or may not be moved one way or the other if in the way of some project on occasion, but regardless in a week or two or sometimes three the same pile would invariably end up in the wash again – over and over and over. Then one day the presumed owner of the clothes, not at all convinced they were ever really his in the first place, and becoming embarrassed at the silliness of it all, foolishly threw the pile in the garbage. It turns out that not only was this pile being washed over and over; it was apparently being “evaluated” daily as well, in anticipation building up to the wash-event I suppose. Without a clothes-pile to focus upon, the minds of those that used to be held sway by the pile were no longer under its influence and those minds were now free to roam about the place looking for suitable replacement piles of something to worry or complain or be stressed over – and there I stood watching with a big dumb grin while everyone looked at me, minds hard at work – thinking of how to fill the big empty place I’d inadvertently created in their lives.


You can guess where this ends. Now every day is a challenge for all these poor people I’ve now made suddenly rag-deprived and forced to desperately seek out brand new concerns and need-doings and should-have-done’s to point out, where once there had just been the one simple constant clothes-pile-(and due to the ravages of time and dryer)-rags; never has any poor picked-upon soul ever missed an old clothes/rag-pile more than this person in this sad story rest assured good reader. Lament all mankind should have done indeed on that sad day the world lost a not-really-big, not-small, just so-so size heap-pile of holes. The moral is – holes have a purpose, before fixing, filling, illuminating, or removing one – know what it is there for and be empathetic to it and its owner’s reason for its existence. Just saying – I really, really missed and suffered for the loss of that old laundry pile, woe be the day I discarded it and delivered myself into a life of chaos. Cherish both what you have and what you don’t; Old-laundry and philosophy, that’s me – Yup.


Lights Gone Out Again in Our Schools, and Again, and Again – Hey; that’s CPTSD come a’knockin!


What can one do about CPTSD? Learn. Learn that it affects one’s ability to understand and manipulate things like analogies in one’s head if one is stressed out and in a hurry which induces CPTSD-like behaviors in EVERYONE ON THE CPTSD-SPECTRUM which means all of us, OK?
I’ll use a more concrete example – that of a discussion observed in a Facilities committee meeting recently (August 4th, 2016 – Piper H.S., SBBC) where a committee member wisely inquired if the district had done any load-testing of the electrical systems and grids at the schools to prevent their electricity going out as it has been wont to do in preceding years and was expected to be doing again soon upon the start-up of the new school year with the hotter than usual weather.


You know where this is heading, nothing was done, of course – but this is just the tip of how bad things get when a communities core institutions all have Institutional Complex PTSD. The really truly amazing thing is that even after suggesting to all school board members and their staff plus all of the staff and management at the school district not ONE SINGLE person will know that someone needs to call the power company and ask that they come do electrical load tests of all the schools and review the protocols for emergency power shortages with the districts head safety coordinator (ideally if we had one) or facilities head, alternately. It is not madness, but it is alarmingly close to it; this is the face of Institutional CPTSD, OK?


To reiterate; What does it mean for a community to see high rates of CPTSD in its community members? Since CPTSD is behaviorally and culturally transmitted there will seldom if ever be communities where just one or two key institutions dealing with the weak and voiceless are found to be suffering from it – it will always be ALL of them, by definition – schools, hospitals, prisons, police  – this is what community-wide Complex PTSD is and how it propagates itself.


Nothing was done and no one noticed because it isn’t anyone’s expectation that anyone in the room can actually do anything, anything at all, so no one does – so the schools electricity and lights, they will keep on going on, and off, and on, and off. The (official) response of the district was an explanation that we do in fact do extensive testing of air conditioning flow specifications and the like in balancing the ability of the schools to carry the load of adequate AC but don’t do any actual electrical load testing. Everyone agreed this was in fact a real problem and all sides seem suddenly content, satisfied at their highly-effective communication and all they’ve just learned about AC balancing and loading which rhymes with electrical loading at least, kind of. Even the progressive chair-person (who is not shy about wanting things to actually get done instead of just talking about it, and so is aggressive in a good way) did not hear the little gal on her shoulder whispering that the problem had been stated and a solution proposed in its very stating (that someone needs to do e-load tests). Because there was no EXPECTATION that problems get actionable solutions before moving forward. Is this another example of an Institutional CPTSD “hole?” – yup.
Ever joked with other adults, or kids, about how heavy and big their books and book bags are? When lights go on, and off, and on, and off it is no different than when we see children carrying books easily twice as large and heavy as they should be but feel it is “too complicated” to fix or do anything about, and say as much. To see one book made into two is NOT rocket-science – big “hole,” see it yet? It is also often heard as an excuse for silly-big books and all else silly besides that this or that silliness is simply “not that persons problem to worry about” when asked, even as we all joke about all the back problems kids have. It is all of our worry, and here is why; there is a toxic traumatizing brain-morphing neuron-killing lethal sweet-smelling-almond-cyanide-like poison that dust and mist and surrounds every little “hole” where an action should have been but isn’t – it erodes the very souls and future abundance of our children because the trauma of these holes and missing actions is noticed and every missed right-action is another blow of a sledge-hammer hit-square on a chisel pointed right into the heart of every living child. Every blow indelibly etches a deeper gouge into the resisting stone and these holes assemble to become stories that we define ourselves by and think ourselves to be – Every too-big book, every time the lights go out needlessly, these are gouges, letters, words, stories of passivity and helplessness being CHISELED into the hearts of our children, and ourselves and those near us, others in the community too, chiseled into all of our hearts as if all were one.
The sledgehammer hits its mark; WHAM! Pieces fall to the floor, the dust settles.


The mark left behind; although there was no resolution nor solution everyone nodded among themselves that someone certainly should think about doing e-load tests and it was certainly therefore good to have been brought up and good that everyone had communicated and done such a good job at showing how they saw the problem to the other side. If an action item was made that I missed, my apologies, however, even if they had, or did, determine to right there mandate that schools should do e-load tests, there’s still be a second hole within a “hole” situation where the schools should NOT be the ones to be tasked with e-load-testing their own school-grids themselves and should also be inquiring about e-load-testing the school/community/grid because both of those should be the local power utilities task – I think. The point is that the discussion ended once everyone was happy they’d “displayed” to the other “team” like in one of those mock-battles one see’s natives do re-enactments of – peaceable warring is another word for it – and another descriptive terminology is to describe the peaceable warring and expectation of inaction as being descriptive and symptomatic of an Institutionally-CPTSD affected decision making process – since the desired outcome of additional all-inclusive discussion leading to action on a solution did not occur, yes?


A solution such as, perhaps; Load testing would be to see what happens if everything in the school is turned and then additionally, track that at and throughout the entire power grid to see how the system will respond with all 250 school at full-on with lights and all, as unlikely as that may sound, plus model with an overburdened neighborhood and region with the goal to see what the UTILITIES shut-down and other protocols are to insure that emergency, health and school sites are PRIORITIZED in all considerations so that shut-downs are kept to an absolute minimum possible for these. This is done elsewhere by the power utilities, not by the local districts – ideally someone at the meeting would have thought to discuss the necessity that our community leaders to ask or to insist if need be that this be done and at no cost as soon as possible because of the start of school – on nor inquire of the local Big-Power utility.
Wake Up! Why say the process may have been influenced by institutional CPTSD? How can one not is a better question – It is not an accusation – All of us are part of “it” – No one can blame any of us in attendance, all of us were essentially in shock and TRAUMATIZED at knowing our own complicity by even being there in things like;
This is what a “hole” in one’s logic individually and institutionally looks like, this is its face, close-up and raw – With one’s Eyes-wide-open see a ONE BILLION DOLLAR UNFUNDED CAPITAL PROJECTS LIABILITY and a 4-5 year wait for Air Conditioning to be provided to the SCHOOL CAFETERIA WORKERS at numerous schools throughout the district! See schools with leaky roofs that have been on wait-to-fix list for… ten years! Hear our system of protocols and oversight in Broward when compared to that of more competent districts described by ONE OF MANY HEROIC facility committee members as being like the 1950’s – words I’ve uttered myself more than once in regard the shameful 1950’s way we treat pregnant young women and the ridiculously outdated and outright HARMFUL student and teacher course on “identifying” at risk youth (targeting really) for mental health issues. It’s criminal – the school board even asked that I sit in on the committee drafting it, many years ago now, and the boss-lady actually simply erased a tape we made of my criticisms, never had me participate or contacted me again and has blocked every effort at reform while instructing staff to listen politely and be done with me (her words) ever since, which explains the blank robot stares, they really aren’t listening, just smiling, sigh. Imagine a management level person instructing staff to not listen just glad-face the public when they bring SERIOUS CONCERNS TO STAFF – not too much bubble-gum on the side-walks, too little food and shelter for homeless children – Wake UP! This is the face of Institutional CPTSD too – Your face; My face.
Institutional CPTSD is the outcome of many, many, many individuals with CPTSD in and around ones organization – Top Management especially – Don’t get me started – Aaargh. Sigh. Too late, I’m started;
In a sense, to get a good taste of what ails education in America one would HAVE to visit CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – the next most likely place to COMPTON, CALIFORNIA I would think. Chicago will soon join Compton one hopes in having its TEACHERS and STUDENTS join together in a CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT centering on INSTITUTIONAL COMPLEX PTSD. Will Broward County, Florida be joining Compton and Chicago soon? One needn’t travel to Chicago to determine what the problem is up there, one can look around right here in South Florida and see exactly what the problem is up in Chicago because it has been transplanted down here too! Visit the School Board of Broward County, SBBC, to see a mini-Chicago in action. Chicago-style “politics” is really a euphemism for Chicago-Style-CPTSD, hear me? Time to get real, OK? 1 in 3 abused is not OK, OK? The superintendent’s Chicago-style-Institutional-CPTSD was a healthy seed with solid backing, watering, whatever needed by the Big-Company charter-fans and anti-public-education SEGREGATIONIST interests that was placed here with intent precisely because Broward was so fertile and ready to handcuff those “nasty little black boys” that were the presumed source of all of educations ills, a thing all too often heard said aloud in the halls by adults, ask any child, lots of little ears running underfoot, ya-know?


Broward leads the nation in Military ROTC education – and had, or used to have(?); Its own full-scale in-house police “force” complete with skunkworks doing things they shouldn’t(?) just like in the movies by all accounts, but I digress… these are all examples things one might classify as being representative of being or of our having “holes in our heads” so to speak, get it?
Sorry… went a bit far afield there…



… … … … … Old-Laundry-LOADS to electrical-LOAD-testing …


sigh… so back to the main point which was that we all must try to be more self-aware and less-reactive (as is our CPTSD-nature) and more thoughtful but not in an idle kind of way, the opposite, to be thoughtful with intention – this is what being aware means and what self-awareness is.
To try to be more self-aware is the point by trying to stop seeing things and people strictly in terms of GOOD and BAD, as best one can – this is a SYMPTOM of CPTSD, to think in terms of black and white. We all benefit when we all know our own natures, our own evolution as a species on a beautiful blue planet in a vast ocean of planets and stars. Do this. It is time.


To try to better see the validity of differing perspectives – For all these reasons it is important to keep in mind that it is often those farthest ahead and/or seeing things from the highest perspective point are able to expand up and/or forward by having larger holes than average – not fewer – like a cake rising full of air, or not – are there other ways to achieve the same, yes, but not as fast nor with as little time or resources or basis for knowledge to build-upon, when things are scarce, this is the option; Culture is biology.


To be low on the CPTSD spectrum in a high-CPTSD community is to be maladapted – you will suffer and eventually will… you guessed it, be one of the gang – We All One in health or in pathology, get it? 1 in 3 is truly not OK, OK? So goes one, so go we all.
What is Institutional and Community CPTSD as compared to Individual CPTSD, what do these really mean?
What does it mean to be “activated” or to be higher than one desires on the CPTSD-Spectrum?


How does CPTSD affect how a person thinks and see’s the world? How can it be prevented and how can one protect oneself from it, or is this even possible or desirable?
Anyone know – Is a difference between PTSD and CPTSD that CPTSD is a spectrum disorder & PTSD isn’t?



A final comment in passing… I’d thought to have more resources and time both to prepare things for the recent (ongoing?) RAADfest.com (Resolution Against Aging and Death) and so went to throw a “hail-Mary” with the full intention and belief at the time I’d be able to get there and secure at least the needed parties to create a crowd-funded research effort – but things did not pan out and so this brings me to a very real fear that I must now share – the possibility everyone’s efforts, including my own, will end up delaying things for Broward in the long run because should the forces that fear change win and we lose.


My background includes;

The manufacture of high-density memory disks, medical devices, I have patents, venture start-ups, mfg., even TEACHING (a 7th grade science class for a year plus substitute teaching all grades and subjects in each and every school in the region for a while too), other stuff (innocentive.com) and was once a partner with a regional quasi-public tourism television channel (2 million visitors year through Black Hills and Mount Rushmore got to glimpse the Far FUTURE as two pioneer children in our constantly running promo tried on a Helmut-style Google-Glasses and was transported into one of our local MODERN-day attractions like REPTILE Gardens or even our Harley Motorcycle Ralley, ever seen the ad, or been to the Black Hills.) and paper and I relate all this as backdrop for how and why I once assembled all the movers and shakers in the region in one room at one time for one purpose – to push for something similar to 211 – or to push for early-211 if it existed then, I forget the exact timeline – this proposal was based-upon our local high suicide rates and concerns about how to keep track were the number of kids or adults in crisis to double, how would anyone be able to tell?


Might the following describe a past case of 211 Socio-Immunosuppression where a state that pushed for it first became last because arguments and forces against it early on persisted while rest of the nation advanced? Could this also happen and Broward find itself last in the nation to address institutional CPTSD and end abuse and homelessness?



A case of 211 Socio-Immunosuppression?
Most people call not one social service provider but many, dozens sometimes there was no way to tell if an increase was occurring in teens concerned about suicides for one specific example because no one agency had the real answer and even adding all of the agencies call numbers together would provide nothing but meaningless numbers since there’d be no way to discern how many calls were made multiple time to which places by whom. We had everyone needed in the room – non-profits and government and what-not and all they did was argue and fight and when I ever so foolishly started speaking of “behaviorally transmitted epidemic of neurodegeneration in a reactive-borderline labile behavior-inducing pattern” or some-such dribble (no such thing as institutional CPTSD-spectrum back then) so that the attendee’s whose eyes weren’t glazing-over just got real red and angry-looking
Flashback to the moment I realized what I’d done when I tossed that old laundry pile – same “oopsie” all over again, yup-yup.
But this isn’t the point, the point is that I used the TV channel and the paper and my ability to call meetings as I just described to push 211 or its ilk EARLY and perhaps prematurely and perhaps by doing so I may have urged the creation of the societal human, institutional, protocol and meme equivalents of antibodies as if in a reactive immune-response to come into existence so that when the rest of the nation adopted 211-nationwide it was SOUTH DAKOTA of all 51 states that was the dead-ringer-last to adopt it – yup. Not evidence of anything by any means, but solidly circumstantial and inferential. For this reason I’m concerned about my effing-up and miss-reading my available resources (I blame relatives, actually) and the recent RAADfest.com event concern’s me in that if the thing isn’t carried-through and finished then there is, perhaps, a real risk of my efforts actually going to undermine and make Broward worse in a sense in all the ways I’ve sought to see it improve in – and so I am wont to walk away from the public-speaker’s podium as I did from that community meeting without having accomplished what I set out to do, lest I be its source as much as it’s prevention as intended. 1 in 3 kids abused in Broward is NOT OK, OK?

Which calls back to mind – another Flashback-memory come afore;
This social science stuff is odd; when I first started investigating societal level toxic stress and trauma I also had the opportunity to meet a number of times with a fellow that had good input direct to at least one branch of the military at its top. We discussed the long term effect of our traumatizing the Middle-East region where the majority of people are young and their minds still developing which would be what we see now in the region and we also discussed the risk of this behavioral transmission of reactive-stress behaviors to the rest of the world – prophetic given the current day situation recently with the shooting in Orlando and elsewhere in Europe, yes? It is not the children that are the problem. We are. 1 in 3 is not OK, OK?


Dear SBBC’s HEART, 211 & CSC, Over 100 families with CHILDREN LIVING IN CARS and the Children’s Services Council cannot SEE what is BEFORE their VERY EYES –


OPEN your eyes please, and ears – you, we, all suffer from CPTSD and it is SURREAL that YOU and we as the PUBLIC and the public as the Children’s Services Council, can produce a whole FUTURE FIRST show of 6/22/16 in response to my recently having pointed out there is no there, there, in regard actual provision of services.


Awaken – You foresaw this and spoke of it when first you were created as Children’s Services Council and you actually said you were specifically aware of what the State was trying to do to use CSC as a strategic buffer to absorb criticism for the raping and pillaging of the weak and defenseless. CSC tried to not be the TOOL of the State – and the State used that to its advantage – until now – I heard YOU speak CSC, I KNOW your heart, rise from the grave and speak your harsh truths to those that created you and now fear what you have to say about it. Speak truth to power.
Speak to TRUTH of what OUR MINIMUM EXPECTATIONS are in REGARD OUR or anyone’s CHILDREN and then EXPECT to see it made to be so. We will make it so, because one in three abused or neglected in Broward or anywhere is NOT OK, OK?



More FUN FACTS to come…
The nation’s very first coinage was created by Ben Franklin the founding father himself and it had one singular bold motto on one side and a symbol for the passing of time on the other – it said just these few words encircled by a chain made of smaller circle-links of metal still – the central words: “WE ARE ONE.”


It is such a “Ben” design and phrase; you really have to see it, it is quite amazing iconography and design. We’re getting there, slowly Ben, slowly. Creativity knows no bounds; the universe is infinite, not finite, as is our creativity when through the world we go, rightly knowing our place in it and of it.

What is it? – RAADFEST.COM – It is; Resolution Against Aging and Death – RAAD.


PROSE title: Two Half-Way Dichotomous & Hierarchical Political Parties
The Glass is half-FULL; Let’s get creative and cooperate to figure out how to fill it to the top and share it.
The Glass is half-EMPTY: Let’s hurry to grab it and drain it before someone else tries to get it and we have to fight over it.


Yikes! It’s half-way – Let’s Fill it;
The friendly, rewarding, unjudging Universe supplies infinite space, energy, resources and capacity for their beneficial use – and goods will soon compete for people and NOT people for goods – and all actions can lead to good with the only limitation on Human-Kind is time to see, feel, and think it all in.


Yikes! It’s half-way – Let’s Drain it;


The mean, punishing Universe supplies limited-finite space, energy or resources and all actions lead to harsh economic and environmental costs as people compete for goods with guns.

Click for Resources Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Studies


The link above will take you to the BEST WRITING on the TOPIC; ACE -Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACE is not a spectrum disorder, nor even a disorder, it’s a new exciting invaluable measurement tool to communicate risk; as shown in the diagram below the degree of RISK. ACE scores are invaluable for individuals but also will enable us to make visible how our achievements and failures in life affect our sociality and how our sociality and community and workplace affects our individual behaviors in the context of a disorder such as Complex PTSD and borderline-pattern thinking and behaviors so that we can improve our individual lives and institutional and community lives, all three. Read, learn, act locally to see global change. All the pieces are in place awaiting assembly – is this you’re calling? Go, do, now.






RAADfest * WOODSTOCK OF THE NEW CENTURY * promises a new humanity as we flip from nasty to nice socio-biologically – Happening August 4, 2016. RAADfest.com – This will be an event you will treasure for life. How many MORE people would have attended Woodstock if they had any inkling of the historical impact it had? Well, we’re going to kick off a movement that could transform the world, and you don’t want to regret missing it. There is a big picture message we feel is vital to deliver – that, immortality, rather than being a dehumanizing element as Hollywood vampire stories suggest, in fact brings out the best in our humanity. It doesn’t just end death, it ends the separation between people; by neutralizing the inherent fear of death, immortality empowers us to open our hearts to people like never before. The toxicity of contemporary life is a serious threat to our health, and perhaps the greatest toxicity is that which comes from people. This deathless passion, creates a whole new level of togetherness in which people are lifted by people, rather than brought down. The movement for radical life extension is about the creation of our own future.
What to expect if you attend – A testimonial;

I feel absolutely clean inside, and there is nothing but pure euphoria. I have never felt so great, or believed this to be possible. The cleanliness, clarity, and marvelous feeling of solid inner strength continued throughout the rest of the day, and evening, and through the next day. I am overcome by the profundity of the experience, and how much more powerful it was than previous experiences, for no apparent reason, other than a continually improving state of being. All the next day I felt like ‘a citizen of the universe’ rather than a citizen of the planet, completely disconnecting time and flowing easily from one activity to the next.
As the first speakers came on I felt that I was being enveloped, and my attention had to be directed to it. I became quite fearful, and my face felt cold and ashen. I felt that I wanted to go back, but I knew there was no turning back. Then the fear started to leave me, and I could try taking little baby steps, like taking first steps after being reborn. The distinguished speakers form a woodpile and each is so beautiful it is about all the joy and beauty that one can bear. I am afraid to face the mountain upon which each stands, for fear they will overpower me in their majesty. But I did look, and I am astounded. Everyone must get to experience a profound state like this. I feel totally peaceful. I have lived all my life to get here and I feel I have come home. I am complete. And now I am interested as I hope you are in the most recent NIH work on exciting new treatment protocols for opioid and alcohol addiction and also for borderline and Complex PTSD-Spectrum disorders? RAADFEST.COM


Then say thank you to Sasha and Mr. Shulgin who is no longer with us –

https://www.erowid.org/library/books_online/pihkal/pihkal109.shtml and go teach them more. 1 in 3 abused isn’t OK, OK?




Did Too Many Bad Teachers *really* KILL Public Education, or did the deep-south segregationist lobby which is synonymous with Big-Old-Boys-style Big-Company BIG-TOBACCO? Chicago-Style Institutional CPTSD, yes? What of our schools and children here in Broward, FL.? What does it mean to be “ACTIVATED” or “INACTIVATED?” What does it mean to “LEAN FORWARD” versus “AWAY-FROM?” What determines this difference?


What happens when you have an arrowhead, meteorite, and extinct giant porpoise jawbone section in your pocket? What happens if you show one of these – to any one? Can you think of any ways to tell how to separate the “Lean-Forward” from “Lean-Back” types of folk? Show a child sitting with other children at a table, or a teacher sitting with other teachers at a table, or show the family at dinner THE EXTINCT JAWBONE from a local Florida creek or perhaps the locally found ARROWHEAD – watch to see, do they as one all move forward to see better and hear better, with the closest reaching out for it and all around happy and smiling? Or the opposite; did all in attendance pull away while making scrunchy-faces? This is the secret hiding in the middle of it all as to why teaching either does, or doesn’t work. Yup, it really and truly is that simple. It’s biology. Biology is culture; culture is biology, yup-yup so true!
What is a spectrum disorder? – Answer – it means we are all along the line or spectrum somewhere, everyone.

– ONE IN THREE is abused or neglected and this IS NOT OK, OK?
– Any Justice Applied against Kids is an Immoral Injustice against Humanity, OK?


– To train the dog, horse, or child to war is be the lowest form of life imaginable, OK?
– Error is an Opportunity to Learn, Not an Opportunity to Punish or Be Punished, OK?










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