Massive Underfunding-caused CPTSD Stress in Students, Teachers, Staff & Parents – Follow the (Charter Hedge-fund) Money – FL Hides & Relocates HOMELESS CHILDREN – Censorship of Public Speaker at Aug 12 & 16 School Board of Broward County Meeting

OPT OUT 101: What is it all about?


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What is an ACE (adverse childhood experience) and what does it mean for a large number of children to have a high ACE score in a school, community, county, or State?


What is the behavioral transmission of neurotoxic stress in schools and communities?


One in three children in Florida reports abuse or neglect rising to the degree it is criminally prosecutable – this is NOT OK, OK? The study was undertaken by the school district of Broward County, Florida at a cost of $6 million dollars – we aren’t speaking of a third-world nation – we are talking of the kids right here in Broward.


Right now although they appear on no State list and are not tracked or monitored there are HUNDREDS of Broward students that are homeless and without reliable provision of food or the basics of everyday living – we know they exist by using statistics and sampling and precisely because the State knows they exist they have made and are now making every effort humanely possible to see to it that NO ONE knows about them – It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to KNOW these homeless children are out there, right now in our community – yours and mine and all of our responsibility, OK?


This missive is admittedly long and you may think you have more important things to do, work, family, chores, responsibilities – unless you are enroute to an accident as a first responder; you do not – it is your responsibility to SEE PAST THE STATE of Florida’s RUSE, OK? They are worried about being served with the largest class action Complex PTSD lawsuit in history based on the stress the State of Florida has wrought caused by greed, fraud and mismanagement orchestrated to take advantage of the weakest of us across the board; the elderly, infirm, special needs, the poor, powerless, and women and children.


Humane schools exist and thrive in Humane communities; Humanize our schools  – Track ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences) for all Schoolchildren!


Ever held a real arrowhead from thousands of years ago, or a fossil dinosaur tooth millions of years old, or a real meteorite from outer space billions of years old? Ever read a real letter hand-written by Hellen Keller, the first blind and deaf woman to learn to speak and write? Wonder why I’m asking? Do you remember if you had shelves in your classrooms when you went to school? We’ll come back to all this in a bit later.


Since 2012 it is a network of parents, grandparents, students, educators and community members fighting for Florida’s public schools.


If you aren’t Opting-Out… you’re Opting-In, and that is not OK, OK?


“OPT OUT” has been the ONLY action to hold the attention of education policy makers and legislators – If you don’t advocate for your child, who will? Enough is enough!


What is “check-box empathy? What does the phrase, “check-box culture” mean? What is inhumane about testing and a testing mentality, if anything? When did testing become the new teaching, like orange became the new black? Read-on.


WHERE ON WHAT TEST is there a CHECK-OFF-BOX that covers and includes things like a little girl saying “Is that what ‘homeless’ means, Mommy?” This is said as she and her Mom pull up to the intake shelter that is full, as it always is, and not a place Mom would go even if it weren’t full.  Mom gets a sinking feeling in her stomach, as she realized the damage is done, there’s no erasing her daughters fears now, no putting the car in reverse to erase the whole experience and knowledge of what “HOMELESS” means in Florida, U.S.A. – there are people out front, sleeping and passed out on the grass under the tree’s. It is in an industrial looking area, far away from homes and not safe looking. Her daughter has just made a life-long memory and there is nothing to be done about it – Mom’s stomach knots at the thought. The little voice has a falter to it – not tittery, like when watching a scary part of a Disney movie though, and not feigned in mock fear, the little voice drops off at the end, instead of rising in a falsetto as in a question towards the end as when in anticipation of a response – although just a child, she knows Mom has no answer to her fears – Mom notices this too, her stomach cannot tighten any more, it is a solid thing in her gut now, and she begins to tear-up, so she turns her face hoping her little girl won’t see, but she can’t speak, not without giving herself away because she knows all that would come out would be a croaking whimper so she clenches her jaw, closes her eyelids tight as she faces away as if looking at something, and holds her breath – waiting for the moment, all of it, to pass. I’d spoken to all of the dozen-plus numbers that 211 reads-off to people that call in, starting about 2 weeks before this mom was evicted – she and I were told from some places they’d be able to help but not until after she was evicted. We called all of them again after she was evicted – she had friends that for a little bit of financial help could take in her three children – a visiting 19 year old, also a relative, was more or less on her own I think, but still under this mom’s wing too. The littlest is the one written of above as we visited the Pompano intake center – the person running it could not have been nicer nor more sincere in sharing the absurdity of it all and his helplessness to do anything about it and no, he didn’t mind saying, there really wasn’t anyplace to turn despite all the pom-pom cheerleading on school boards and in legislatures saying otherwise.


WHERE ON WHAT TEST is there a CHECK-OFF-BOX for “adequately meeting the minimum needs of our communities children?”  Who has marked it with a great big CHECK that everything is A-OK when it is not?


WHOSE needs are being met when the school board, city leaders and State legislature  all have been made aware of the crisis in our community and others by myself and many others for months now and the our local school board of Broward counties response, as with literally every single other issue ever raised is “who, not us” and “do not listen to these people, what they say is wrong, everything is really fine” after we speak and then has staff arrange for a dog-and-pony-show mini-parade for the next board meeting to demonstrate and show that there is no “challenge” (ie; problem to the common person) here. This is school-board-speak if you don’t know the lingo; our superintendent like many others around the nation has been trained by the Broad Charter School Foundation to say this to lay-people so as to not needlessly confuse our little minds, in lieu of the negative sounding word, “problem.” When the superintendent mouths his words of praise for himself and the district in describing how these “challenges” all are being dealt with, no worry, his voice is strong, clear, and confident – as are other board members anxious to point out how wonderful we do in caring for our children in Broward schools. It has none of the lilting insecure fear of what may come that was so clearly heard in the little girls voice. Next week there will be a stand-in voicing praise for the districts successful, even exemplary performance in carrying for its indigent children, and no one will have to sink to having to praise themselves, it will all be arranged to be done for them by some group or another called in to do the job for them – it is more seemly that way.


The dissonance between the tones in the two voices, the little girls and superintendents, is deafening.


The dissonance between the words, the reality, and the lack of empathy and sincerity makes the blood boil hot.


WHOSE needs are met and looked after when the State of Florida and local authorities deny the faces they scrub out when affirmatively filling in the little check-off-box that says “adequately meets minimum needs of children?” Did the school board of Broward County know as it filled in the little square box on these many tests for heart and righteousness that there was a little girls face under there? Whose needs are met when denial is passed around like an after dinner aperitif after every public speaker voices a suggestion or criticism? Did it not see the many little girls faces, as they penciled in the last bit and made them “disappear” with but a few casual statements spoken after every public speaker to be sure the public knew not to listen to these common-folk? Rest assured everyone, is the message at each board meeting, the board and district have filled in the box just-right and no, of course not, there were no little girls faces scrubbed-out of existence and made invisible by their actions, of course not, all is well – who doesn’t love little girls, after all – Right? Who indeed, one has to wonder.


WHOSE needs are met when the school board insists all is well – not the need of any of the little girls written of in this rambling diatribe, surely, so whose needs are being met, exactly? If one comments as a public speaker that the scientific data says SRO’s (police trained to shoot to kill) in schools lead to more behavior problems, not fewer, then like an autonomic response of being hit in the knee with a hammer, up comes the foot just as out come the pencils again to check-off all the boxes saying all is well with having armed people in our schools that by their mere presence completely disempower both teachers and administration in lieu of the State’s prison system, in one fell swoop, or should one say stroke, of the pencil. Military trained to shoot to kill when confronted in an “us or them” situation, no problem with that, right? Forget the actual facts and statistics on the matter, forget the public cries of “foul” at every single board meeting, that’s what the public does, it’s to be expected, not a problem, not even a “challenge,” (i.e.; problem) really since this is just that thing the public always does (complain about things the district is really doing a wonderful excellent job at) at board meetings; Nothing here to worry about, right?  I mean, how many of us are little girls? None of us have anything to worry about, why make a fuss? Yup.


WHOSE needs are being met when the school board and district superintendent say everything is A-OK and that there is food and shelter for moms and children, of course, and that to say otherwise is wrong and irresponsible? Whose needs? Is it the two little girls, one stroller between them now that had spent a night in a roach-infested hotel room and slept under a bus before that? Whose needs? Whose needs are met when the little box next to “meet the minimum needs of students and children” is checked-off by the school district and city leaders of Broward county, one and all? Whose needs? Who benefits; Is it the State of Florida, like the testing companies peddling tests in schools, seeking a stamp of approval when we fill-in the “all is well here, no need to look here” check-off-box? Of course there is no real test or box to be filled-in for such things, not externally anyway – but here’s the concern – have we so incorporated a checked-off all-is-well-and-done mentality into ourselves, our culture and psyche after growing up with this testing mania for decades over multiple generational that we literally interact, deal-with and see the world by employing a checkbox-morality and checkbox-lifestyle without even realizing it? Do the peace officers (police), social workers, school board members and superintendents all  employ internal checkboxes now, checkboxes we internally create that align with the outside worlds minimal and below-minimum expectations, in the exact same fashion we deal with school-tests?


On the way to the board meeting last August 16th I passed a young couple with two young kids in strollers all loaded up with stuff and something seemed odd as I passed so I turned around. They were stopped when I pulled up and the man came over and asked for help saying the wheel on their stroller had just broken a few seconds before, as I was turning around apparently, and they were worried about making it to the bus station by noon, still a ways away, especially with a broken stroller. I drove them to the bus and had a few moments to chat with them in the car. She was from here in Broward, they’d been on the street for 3 weeks through the worst heat of the summer and mentioned sleeping under a bus one night, and another night in a Motel 6(?) at the Broward Blvd & I-95 that had so many roaches they called the health department but were told they were too busy and couldn’t do anything. I asked if she’d ever heard of 211, had she? She said she’d made many calls to 211 and many more calls to places which offered no help, wasting time and adding to her frustration and sense of helplessness. They eventually came across an organization called Life-Net which provided the mom and two kids a $500 bus trip to her grandmothers in North Carolina – I’ve seen this process in action before – unmarked white vans and police see the poor as potential informants to hunt down terrorists – you really can’t make this kind of stuff up, that is where the budget originates. After making such a “weird” statement as this, let me digress briefly to elaborate;

I once helped a half-naked bruised very young woman trying to find some food and shelter and she was directed to an “intake” location in Fort Lauderdale for help – we were in Deerfield Beach, fyi. We asked two police officers on motorbikes about how to get there, having no map or GPS, and if they knew of anyplace closer to find food and shelter, could they help? No, they had not a clue – and didn’t quite get I don’t think why we thought they would know such things in the first place, I mean, what did they look like, social workers? These were proud, manly Hunters of people, not Helpers of people, and were a bit indignant that anyone could not see this inasmuch as I was (I’m guessing) visibly upset at their lack of knowledge, or caring. I kind of get their point, I mean, just look at them, all bristling in their fine armament and regalia, how could I or anyone possibly mistake them for anything other than the magnificent on-the-prowl hunters they obviously felt themselves to be, what was wrong with us? If you are a policeman that is a peace officer to the core and consider your main job to be helping and to be humanitarian and empathetic , I got your back – if you are a clueless hunter  out to make the world right for good outstanding people like yourself – not so much, you are a pretender and more dangerous to a civil society than any terrorist could ever hope to be.


After roughly an hour and a half of driving around the young woman-girl finally found the place she’d been directed at the pay phone I first saw her, crying. Clearly there would have never been any way possible for the girl to have made it there on her own.  There was a large group of people sitting and waiting; No food, no shelter – just getting signed in for promised food the following day apparently, it didn’t make sense at the time. Now I know what was up. The unmarked white vans (fyi, hundreds of these vans sit in storage unused when purchased to bolster the failing auto maker).  God-forbid the public might think anyone cared for the homeless and hungry, better to feed them, if you do, in secret, right? These (seriously creepy) white unmarked vans do “intake” at various semi-secret locations around town which you have to call a semi-secret phone number to find are that way so no one will know they are being fed – you wouldn’t want more of “them” to hear about it and everyone come – and the point wasn’t feeding or sheltering them, it was the intake process to make sure they weren’t possible terrorists and so they could be used as part of an information pipeline and most importantly so one could point to numbers on a sheet and that some bureaucrat could hand out an award for later – yes I know all of this sounds fantastical and absurd, using the poor as pigeons and stoolies but it wasn’t my bright-idea, I’m just telling you about it. I’m a bit old and creepy looking to be hanging around with young beaten-up girls, in my opinion, and noted at the time this bothered no one in the least – my asking questions of everyone around really got some attention though. I clearly did not know my “place,” which their indignant attitude made quite clear. The officers there did not like my poking around so we spoke and eventually determined that the young woman would, surprise-surprise, be given bus fare to Arkansas or someplace (sound familiar?) – I’d just left the house for a quick errand and had nothing on me so I know the young woman hadn’t eaten in quite some time by then, I don’t think she got any food that night, but she got bus fare out of town after I made a fuss, for all it was worth. We were leaving the place before the offer of bus fare was made I should add, I think they were afraid I was going to make a stink about all I’d seen, and I was – I’d like to think the offer was made to help her – but not likely, they’d have offered before we were already pulling away – someone’s boss got nervous at someone poking around and wanted to nullify any future “challenges” (ie; problems to common-folk) as our superintendent’s all as one here in Florida have  taught to say.


So this is the background to my hearing now about this young families story I’d happened to see as I drove to the board meeting to speak yet again (I did not then know that as happens often with public speakers in Broward, I’d been removed surreptitiously from the roster after having been told I was on it, something that happens so frequently we joke about it and many record their calls, although when one complains it does nothing, even with the tapes since it is always just a clerical error). This is why, as we are driving to the bus station, that instead of leaving the broken stroller on the sidewalk when I picked them up, I brought it and the fallen off wheel with us in my truck – figuring enough is enough – I’m tired of being told about non-existent “wrap-around” services and people handing out T-shirts and flags as awards to each other at the next board meeting plus banquets and awards ceremonies where everyone dresses up and feels absolutely wonderful about themselves – enough is enough and I’ll have the stroller at least as a kind of incontrovertible evidence. At the last three board meetings after myself and others speaking far more powerfully than I to the issues of child homelessness issues the board as one voice made it clear to any listeners and the public at large that every word of ours was nonsense – quite literally said so in no uncertain terms – so this time I’d bring this broken stroller as a solid prop, not the abstraction of some hypothetical homeless children, hoping this would sway these people that refuse to see truth. I did not then know, of course, they’d already fixed that and more, was denied the ability to bring the broken kid-stroller into the meeting – and when I tried just bringing the lightweight plastic wheel that had broken off, with soft rubber and no edges (it being round) was also refused – no you can’t speak, no you can’t bring a little wheel off of a kids stroller into a professional meeting where serious matters are discussed – No, no, no!


TESTING IS THE NEW TEACHING, All hail the Check-box, Corporate Testing is King!


We’ve all been raised on check-boxes; we’re a check-box nation by temperament, philosophy and culture it seems. We are ruled by checkboxes we internally create, how do we look, how do we feel, are we too fat, too thin; and the ones peddled by schools on the nearest street-corner like an illicit drug one can’t quite get enough of even though you know it isn’t really a healthy thing to be using all the time? Keep in mind that TESTS were NOT originally seen as the problem – Err, I mean “challenge.” Originally TESTS were seen as the SOLUTION to WHY kids weren’t learning in school, not the CAUSE. No one seems to remember this, or prefer not to, since the world is so much simpler if one spares oneself this teensy little fact. Fact; tests were the go-to solution in order to be able to better identify “bad” teachers and to identify kids burdened with “bad” families (ie; a single parent). Fact; Schools were failing nationwide, coast to coast, regardless of teaching curriculum, teaching philosophy, or spending per pupil. All schools have been declining in their ability to produce kids that are educated for decades going well back into the 1970’s and WAY before TESTING BECAME THE NEW TEACHING.


Check-box empathy, check-box culture, an inhumane testing mentality, testing replacing teaching; what does it all mean? It means that out of roughly 250 schools in Broward county that only FIVE schools can say that more than half of them are able to PASS ALL SIX CORE SUBJECTS – meaning that if you attend any of the other 245 schools that less than half of you can pass all six subjects at grade level at graduation.  If this sounds untrue, preposterous, and surreal – so-sorry, all-true. Yup.  Make no doubt, if things were bad before when the entire nation tried to teach kids and couldn’t, things have gotten much worse hard as that is to believe, now that everyone essentially gave up on teaching altogether in lieu of simply testing instead of teaching. So in light of all this, given that testing is and never was the cause of it all, and is just the straw that made the camels broken-back visible – why aren’t kids learning in our schools – really? Fact; There has to be reason. There is.


One must be a “LEAN-FORWARD” and not a “LEAN-BACK” type of person and teacher for teaching to work. To “lean-forward” is to be a creative pro-active individual and to “lean-back” is to be dogmatic and reactive.  Question; What exactly does this mean?


WHOSE needs are being met, whose challenges (i.e.; problems) are being solved when we play politics as moms and kids are told by the State of Florida that someone will call, if there is a number to call back to, in two weeks or so – I heard it myself. Not that anyone does call, they don’t, this too is a lie. Has anyone ever met a child that can go two weeks without food or shelter? Is this something children do that few of us know about? It is a SURE THING the problem will have fixed itself after a couple of weeks is EXACLTY how the State of Florida apparently see’s the matter, they’ll certainly have fixed “their” problem as they see it – which problem isn’t all the kids and moms in need of services as much as seeing to it that no one notices or complains of them, right?








How did we let things come to this sad deplorable state of affairs? Did Too Many Bad Teachers *really* KILL Public Education, or did the deep-south segregationist lobby which is synonymous with Big-Old-Boys-style Big-Company, Chicago-Style Institutional Complex PTSD politicking kill public education? What of our schools and children here in Broward, FL.? What does it mean to be “ACTIVATED” or “INACTIVATED?” What does it mean to “LEAN FORWARD” versus “AWAY-FROM?” What determines this difference?


Teaching Stopped Working in the 1970’s – What Happened?


What happens when you have an arrowhead, meteorite, and extinct giant porpoise jawbone section in your pocket? What happens if you show one of these – to a teacher and child? Can you think of any ways to tell how to separate the “Lean-Forward” from “Lean-Back” types of folk? Show a child sitting with other children at a table and teachers sitting with other teachers at a table cool fossils and artifacts from a local Florida creek, such as a locally found ARROWHEAD – watch; do they as one all move forward to see better? Does the closest reach out for it? Are all around happy and smiling – Or the opposite? Are any pulling away while making scrunchy-faces? This is the secret hiding in the middle of it all as to why TEACHING either does, or doesn’t work – it’s that simple. It’s biology. Biology is culture; culture is biology, people with high ACE scores in high ACE-scoring communities and in workplaces suffering Institutional Complex PTSD who are “activated” to be on high-alert all the time will pull back, it’s science.


What is a spectrum disorder? – Answer – it means we are all along the line or spectrum somewhere, everyone.




The lesson in all this is that to fix this all really may require FAITH as much or more than logic, or science and substantiating data and studies alone because our brains are perfectly adapted – not damaged – to our environment much like an ANOREXIC whose every activated cell in their body is also PERFECTLY-adapted to THIS SAME ENVIRONMENT and tells them to BATTEN (secure, tighten) the HATCHES and prepare for a long haul to get through the dangerous waters ahead, Half-Rations and Full-Speed Ahead is the biological strategy evolved over millennia. Alas, just as doctors kill the poor anorexic with their good-intentions, so too the educator kills the learning of the student, if not the student themselves as with the poor anorexics killed slowly by well-meaning doctors following their CHECK-BOXES telling them to close their eyes to the pleas of their patients and to OPEN ALL HATCHES and DOUBLE the Rations till the ship sinks at which point it is the ship found to be faulty from the start, as evidenced by it’s failing to respond to all the properly-checked-off boxes, right?


WHY faith? For all these reasons we must trust both Faith and Logic – faith in those that say you can trust in science and logic. Why faith? Many, perhaps most, persons physically may be unable to see some things the same way others do, like having color blindness, no amount of talking will turn red into green or vice versa, it cannot be done. If one has a large number of adverse childhood experiences, ACE’s, and is in a community suffering from societal stress exemplified by Complex PTSD in individuals and Institutional CPTSD in key public and private organizations – then one is adapted to this as ones environment. We are the most social animals on the planet, not even ants cooperate in the numbers we do. Behaviorally transmitted neurotoxic stress affects people in social groups collectively; this means protective services, child care, schools, hospitals, hospices, VA systems, prisons, all of them as one. Within affected communities peoples brains process information differently, their brains are optimized to be best-adapted to an environment of others like them, suited for survival in an environment of scarcity and competition, not one of abundance and cooperation.


WHY faith? People who see red as green due to colorblindness aren’t bad, wrong or broken – they see things differently because of biology, not politics or philosophy and the same applies when one see’s a glass as one-half full or empty and certain statement such as “justice applied against kids is immoral because errors are opportunities to learn” – Even simple statements such as this, like basic colors can be seen differently or not seen at all and can be invisible to some and not others. When one’s mind is stressed one is activated and re-active to unexpected stimuli (a lean-back mentality expects scarcity and competition) which means that some issues cannot be understood or seen in the same way an unstressed, creative and pro-active (a lean-forward mind expects abundance and cooperation) mind does – because of this fundamental difference it is not surprising to find frequent disagreement between people utilizing the two types of minds employing two different strategies and ways of perceiving and interacting with the world and each other. It is an unrealistic expectation that the two types of people, some seeing the glass as half-full and some seeing the same glass as half-empty, can ever see things the same however motivated, sincere, educated, articulate, and skilled at communication they may be because it is a physical issue, not a philosophical issue.


WHY faith? It may not be possible for a glass-half-full brain to see the totality of what a positive future can hold. This is not a defect for either type of brain, to be half-full or half-empty; the half-empty brain is evolved to be perfect for the environment we really live in in our schools, work and communities; which are all too often stressful, unpredictably dangerous and resource starved. So here we are, absolutely “perfect” for our environment the way it really is, not how we want it to be, so what’s the problem (ie; “challenge” for the Broad Foundation-folk)? We are not talking after all of a defect. The glass half full brain is evolved to be perfect for the current reality in our homes, schools, and communities – perfect but seeking to Rise Above the limitations of Our Biology to achieve the impossible on FAITH, largely, for those with a glass half-empty mind-set whereas Science and Logic will suffice for those with a glass half-full mentality and perspective.


WHY faith? It is a hope that both types of minds, all of us as one can move forward with faith and conviction that humankinds better nature IS our nature – innate goodness is us – is what a human is, innately. Some persons and issues are invisible to others not due to mean spiritedness or defect but of a true honest evolutionarily optimized and PERFECT for our competitive, resource deprived, stressful, inhumane, disconnected from our humanity, environment as it currently really is, not as we wish it to be; one of infinite abundance and cooperation.


So this is why TEACHING either does, or doesn’t work – it’s this simple. It’s biology. Biology is culture; culture is biology, people with high ACE scores in high ACE-scoring communities and in workplaces suffering Institutional Complex PTSD who are “activated” to be on high-alert all the time will pull back, it’s science and for those pulling-back from believing this, it must be taken on FAITH alone – it’s science.


What is a spectrum disorder? – Answer – it means when lines are drawn to show differences between people the line shouldn’t be seen and drawn as a fence-line between people but rather to show that we are all, every one of us, on the same line or spectrum somewhere along its length, everyone, and in this fundamental way we truly are all one, OK?


I once had my 7th grade science class memorize a poem by a 17th century poet named William Blake. They and their parents were perplexed but I insisted they have “faith” in me. Can you see the connection and why I feel their faith was well directed – why I had a science class memorize these particular lines of poetry? I’ll give you a hint; they did not have a clue, literally, what “science” meant or is or does – not the least idea. How this happens in our schools is a story for later – for now, give the following a reading and see if you see how this poem exemplifies what science is, can you see it? They did.


AUGURIES (foretelling’s) OF INNOCENSE (child-like seeing of things)


To see the world in a grain of sand,


and a Heaven in a wildflower,


Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,


and eternity in an hour.



WHY KIDS CAN’T LEARN: Massive UNDERFUNDING and DISRESPECT plus TESTING instead of TEACHING leading to STRESS and Institutionalized Complex PTSD in District Staff, Teachers, Students, and Parents ALL as One! Does anyone doubt that this has not affected teaching and learning both, of course it has – we’ve all been affected. All as one should seek to file a class-action lawsuit patterned on the $1,000,000,000 (billion) lawsuit recently won the the city of Compton, CA, but for all of Florida and for much, much more in damages.




– ONE IN THREE children is abused or neglected and this IS NOT OK, OK?


– Any Justice Applied against Kids is an Immoral Injustice against Humanity, OK?


– Error is an Opportunity to Learn, Not an Opportunity to Punish or Be Punished, OK?


– To train the dog, horse, or child to war is be the lowest form of life imaginable, OK?


We are accustomed to scarcity and competition, it is a way of life and for those that thrive in this environment, and many do, it is simply the way the world is and as we all know, the world is what it is and cannot be changed, right? NO! WRONG – if faith is needed, then find faith, but we cannot continue on this path any longer. It is time. It is time we grow up and take responsibility for our world and children, we can do it, we are ready, there is no lack of resources, just a lack of will and fear of the unknown future of abundance and cooperation ahead of us, OK?


How sad that real suggestions to fix these “challenges” and problems are heard and seen as jokes by our leaders, sad for them, sad for us, sad especially for children. I suggested at a board meeting that the problem of books being so large and heavy has a simple solution – for all books above a certain size and weight to be made into a class Art project and made into TWO books, all in ONE DAY, done! Further, doing this in just one school district anywhere would likely resound across the country and spur other such actions so that by next year, surprise, the textbook manufacturers will be providing two smaller books, a hitherto impossibility, to hear them tell it now. Isn’t the joke really on each of us as we stand around joking about comically outsized books and our children’s accompanying back problems? Isn’t the joke on us since even worse than the physical hardship, there is the mental hardship endured by our children in how daunting such huge tomes must be for a new little learner?


WOW! Great Read! WOW! Follow the MONEY –


Worldwide spending on tobacco products > $300 billion/year – Settlement to avoid bankruptcy, a paltry $200 billion spread out over 25 years. Spending on preventable diseases in CA alone exceeds $20 billion per year. Kathleen Oropeza, Sun Sentinel; “Sadly, this is about money and power, not what’s best for our children. It’s a move to set traditional district public schools apart from so-called “public for-profit charter schools.” States spend $800 billion on public education annually, $19 billion in Florida. Ever since the unsecured loan/credit default fiasco of 2008, privatizers have been drooling over that evergreen pile of taxpayer cash spent on public schools. They don’t see this money as a shared community investment in our children. It’s just a glorious pot of gold ripe for private profit, not a public asset that belongs to us.

Every hedge fund has a charter school “investment” opportunity sector. Wealthy foreigners can buy citizenship for themselves and their families in exchange for investing in charter-school development. The problem is that this money transfer isn’t happening fast enough, meaning the public-school systems aren’t dissolving as planned.
It’s not for lack of trying. Politicians, whipped by lobbyists, have done their best to ratchet up the misery. In Florida they’ve defunded public schools by $4 billion, used high-stakes tests to harm teachers and hurt kids, diverted billions to fund vouchers for private religious schools and aggressively given public-school tax dollars to for-profit charter schools that often fail. Predictably, vendors, former bureaucrats, politicians and lobbyists have grown rich from the enterprise.”



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