What are our MORAL obligations to Homeless, Hungry, Abused and Bullied Children? Why? WE ALL ONE?

Dear SBBC, PTA, ACLU, NAACP, State of FL DOE, CSC, 211, ESE, BTU and BAT’s –


What are OUR MORAL

obligations to homeless hungry (and bullied) children in our communities, if any? Is there a MORAL obligation that we can all agree to, or no? If it is a moral obligation, then why is it a moral obligation, exactly? Does it matter if the reasons people see it as a moral obligation matter, as long as we all agree? Is there a way of looking at our obligation, or lack of obligation, to homeless hungry children that is universal and we can all agree on? Any ideas anyone? It is the hottest part of summer, now is the time to proffer aid if any aid is coming for many moms and kids in our district; RIGHT NOW, OK?


What do you think of the following;

WE ALL ONE is the raison d’etre for seeing to it we meet our MINIMUM obligations to feed and house babies, yes?


FYI – those were babies in the two strollers I picked up last week on my way to speak to the school board about homelessness, I still have the stroller in my truck – this is NOT OK, OK? Period. Why is it not OK? It is not OK because WE ALL ONE, OK? If you have a better reason or way to communicate the need of feeding and housing babies, I’m all ears, but I think for just three words it will be hard to do a better job of communicating why this HAS to be fixed NOW – I don’t think three can be beat, tied maybe – do you have three words that can convey a “why” as effectively to the question of “why feed and house homeless babies?” I’m all ears. I thought you had that nice negotiator-woman that came over to our table and shared she was once homeless as someone that was going to be working on this, something change? Fill me in maybe I can help. You are a good communicator, direct and to the point. Me too sometimes I’d like to think. You asked about me speaking; Speak? Sure, anytime, but what is meant by; “create a system?”


One of our institutions needs to pick up the ball – or the school district – I’d be glad to speak to the board on the issue and limit it to that if you trust me – and the school board is waiting for someone to say they have to to give them direction, they can’t make a big book into two little ones, let’s be pragmatic – You are correct, I’d been contemplating the Union setting up and organizing things for the district – and if that isn’t doable it is understandable due to your new group re-organization and start-up and contractual negotiation issues – but to wipe your hands of it doesn’t put the teachers in any better light than the district as far as meeting the MINIMUM POSSIBLE needs of kids regardless of how flowery the words or how firmly and sincerely everyone is convinced otherwise or how loud anyone wants to get that it isn’t their job – if you cannot set up the needed system then this is understandable, as said – inaction is not OK however – the district will see your neglect of the kids as it’s “cover” for it to do the same, follow? They will (follow), follow?


They (SBBC) cannot make nor insist that others do this, or that YOU must do this for the kids, however YOU ARE (if you are in any of the alphabet soup organizations listed above) in a position to insist that the district step up to its obligations to kids and I will certainly play as large or as small down to no involvement as you wish AS LONG as BTU, the Teachers Union, the School Board and the School District of Broward County at large under the Superintendent do NOT continue to simply point at each other and stand motionless as children sit homeless in the streets – this is not OK and the public made no better a choice in electing a supposedly “new” group than they did before if this is what you are suggesting – and to be clear, I am NOT blaming the public’s choice but the complete lack of CHOICES the public had to choose between so many do-nothings and pass-it-along alphabet-soup organizations of which I am hoping BATS and BTU will not be a part of.


It is all good though because if this is the problem, then it can be addressed as the main thing, now that the real issue is becoming more clear, perhaps? Is everyone equally morally um…. confused or challenged, perhaps, a wee bit… or a lot, maybe – what do you think? I see it as a clear choice to support as an in-house project or set up a task force whose goal is to coordinate with and see to it that the District, 211, the Children’s Services Council and the State of Florida DOE and the various County and City services and NGO’s such as the PTA, the ACLU and NAACP and others can all coordinate – all of this done under the DISTRICTS rubric, not the Unions or BATs but as part of YOUR published RESOLUTIONS and Expectations in the SAME fashion that the NAACP has come out with it’s (upcoming) resolution to support a moratorium against new charter school openings. The Teachers Union can pick any role it wishes in this as long as it chooses role – choosing no role is a choice to be part of the PROBLEM not the Solution and I don’t see this as being the direction any of you I’ve spoken to really want to go nor spent all of your time for to simply become clones of those that you replaced… right?


Is anyone at the Board now speaking to the “School Choice” issue – I’ve been trying for 20 minutes to find the link to the agenda on the SBBC website, Mr. Wardani sent me a link but I can’t for the life of me figure out where he found it, I’ve checked all four calendars just now, I think, have to do again I guess – but anyway – there should have been a BAT’s of Color there to ask that no new Charters be approved – is someone there today to do this – I’d planned on checking the agenda and running down there if need be but am still here looking and trying to figure out if there really any “sides” to any of these issues or if everyone (all of you) aren’t just the same side in reality, all equally unable to move and unwilling to put the needs of children first – I’m reasonably sure this isn’t true of BTU, or should I say, as true for BTU as it is for SBBC, but it wouldn’t surprise me either – in fact it kind of fits in just fine with my main point which is that once a community is affected to a pathological degree (i.e.; not hard to detect fyi – children hungry in streets is plenty good enough for a positive diagnosis of community-wide Institutional Complex PTSD – so it makes sense that BTU and SBBC are EQUALLY paralyzed and pathological – not an attack but a fact we must face in order to meet our joint obligations to children, OK?


BTU needs a spokesperson on this – you can have your cake and eat it too by NOT having me join either of your organizations but “hiring” me for a penny to MAKE IT HAPPEN – meaning see SBBC take up the mantle along with teachers to look after your charges – any if I say or do anything it’s not on your head – that might work. I refuse to work for more than one penny – but I do insist it be shiny – I like to toss them on the ground so kids can find them and feel like they are going to have a lucky day – can’t beat that kind of payoff in value for just one penny – as long as it’s shiny. Does any of this make sense to you? We ALL One? If you are ALL stuck in the same place – a solution may be for everyone to consider the possibility that in all the incomprehensibly HUGE universe end to end from smallest microbe in the biggest ocean on the farthest planet to each of us ourselves there MAY well be but just ONE SINGLE CONSCIOUSNESS – it is provably as possible as that every consciousness is “separate” as we currently “see” things.


There are many ways to envision this “thought-experiment” but the easiest I think is to imagine consciousness a little like electricity that moves atom to atom down a copper wire, picture a conscious awareness “popping” into an a bug, it inhabits the brain and see’s and feels all that a but feels because in that incomprehensibly brief and fast moment that the consciousness pops into the bug, it is the bug – and then it “pops” and flows like an electron in a wire to the next bug, or to you or I and for a trillionth-trillionth-trillionth of a second this same singular consciousness would be you, or I. Other analogies abound, the child toy of suspended ball bearings enables one to pull one back and let it “ploink” and bash into its brethren also suspended in a linear line to “pop” the farthest suspended by string ball-bearing in the line while those in-between hardly move, as if by magic.


Another way to conceptualize it is as a multi-dimensional effect where one can move in space and time both perhaps and from our perspective “pop” from one place and time to another just as a 2-D person would see an intersecting 3-D object like a ball as it intersects their world enlarge and shrink against all the laws of conservation of mass and energy as if coming and appearing from nowhere aka; the popular book on the subject of just such a hypothetical 2-d person in the story “Flatlander.” This “we (are) all one consciousness” discussion is a “thought-experiment” I’m asking you to perform and it has a purpose – to enable you and us to “see” new colors, colors we currently have trouble seeing, OK? If you think on it with “mindfulness” in the context of the issues we are seeking to address (homelessness) I believe you will find that you will, through exertion of your will alone, find yourself seeing new “colors” on this issue – and by seeing new colors in this issue I happen to have an excellent explanation by way of an AMAZING fact just learned of by me the other day so my writings of it are rough currently, I apologize, but adequate I hope;


On Being and Seeing Blue;


The word “BLUE” is mentioned how many times in the Bible would you guess? “RED” is mentioned over a hundred times in the Illiad, “blue” fewer than ten, and in the Bible, not once, and the same goes for early writings and cultures in China, India, it simply didn’t seem to be seen by early peoples, how can this be? “Blue” is missing from all of man’s earliest texts. The Hinda(?) in Namibia(?) were filmed by an ethologist as they tried to identify blue or point to a color that wasn’t red, yellow or green on a screen and the confusion on their faces is palpable (the video is publicly available, will include link when find).


Anecdotal evidence indicates that children don’t see the sky as being blue as much as see it as the absence of color at first, and then when pressed will respond “white.” The color blue is exceedingly rare in nature and the writers of our earliest texts may never have seen it (blue eyes were in short supply back then) and hence had no dire need for a word for it – red ochre was the first technologically manufactured colorant used by early peoples around the world, the color blue is almost impossible to make, which is why it was rarely seen while the colors green and yellow became words a bit later on our timeline and were mentioned about ten times each, for example, in the Illiad by Homer.


We ALL One Consciousness means vegetarianism makes a lot MORE sense, OK?


We ALL One Consciousness means the death penalty makes a lot LESS sense, OK?


We ALL One Consciousness means homeless and hungry children makes a lot LESS sense, OK?




We ALL One Consciousness means that abortion makes a lot LESS sense, OK?


We ALL One Consciousness means that a woman’s right to choose makes a lot MORE sense, OK?


We ALL One Consciousness means corporal punishment makes a lot LESS sense, OK?


We ALL One Consciousness means that “ERRORS are opportunities to TEACH, not PUNISH” makes a lot MORE sense, OK?


We ALL One Consciousness means “Why a gun?” not “No guns,” OK?


So when I speak of WE ALL ONE, I mean to say we may very well be ALL ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, universe-wide, end-to end and from the beginning to the end of time, should it ever end (hope not).


This is far more detailed an explanation of one possible meaning of our all being one and thus is “horse of a different color” from simply saying the cutesy statement, as did the good founding father Benjamin Franklin when he put onto the very first U.S. coin the motto “We Are One.” We may be indeed, and to a degree Ben could hardly have imagined, or did he I wonder? 😉


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