Segregationist Big-Corp-Tobacco HID a Confabulating LONGEVITY-factor to get $200 BILLION Settlement & avoid Bankruptcy; Demand a $500 Billion Do-Over!

REOPEN THE $200 BILLION DOLLAR BIG-TOBACCO SETTLEMENT! Did segregationists in Big-Government and Big-Corporate-Tobacco HIDE data showing a countervailing LONGEVITY-EFFECT in order to secure a settl…

Source: Segregationist Big-Corp-Tobacco HID a Confabulating LONGEVITY-factor to get $200 BILLION Settlement & avoid Bankruptcy; Demand a $500 Billion Do-Over!


What is an Anonymous Coin Toss Poll? Is there really just One Consciousness Universe-wide, flitting-about, microbe to man?

FYI – There is a prior version of this which had a negative slant which I have here attempted to remedy. Prior version was the negative version and reactive version; this is the positive and pro-active mindset version of the prior email. Re-active mindset email sent previously, check it out;

Re: Long email to Elijah about NY Ed-Tech VC thing and math and We All One, too.

Hey Elijah!


What is an Anonymous Coin Toss Poll?

One tosses a coin (or licks one side of a flat stone) tosses it into the air and keeps the outcome, heads or tails to oneself – this is what makes it foolproof – only you know the outcome of the toss, only you can know – no electronic tinkering can get into your mind to know what the outcome is, you are it, period, yes?

In any group of people, half of all tosses will be heads and half will be tails. Imagine that one wishes to discover how many persons in a crowd like strawberry ice cream and their number one favorite ice cream, quickly but so that no one knows who the oddballs are. One asks people that like Strawberry over both Chocolate and Vanilla or any other flavor of ice cream to say “heads” regardless of their toss.

The difference between fifty-fifty and the real outcome of the tally heads and tails for the crowd will still need to be doubled to get the correct answer for the entire bunch and will be fairly accurate for numbers above fifty in a crowd depending on how rare or common the expected answer.

You can do amazing things with this simple anonymous coin toss poll method in large groups of people, let your creative imagination dwell on this a moment, it will pay off for you.

A powerful tool if ever you get in front of a church, fyi.

Elijah, an anonymous coin toss poll enables one to non-confrontationally and safely ask any large group of people, any and all ages – useful when speaking to adult and kid crowds both. One can find out how many are financially insecure  and really only have four to six months before they’d be in trouble, and how many have ACE (adverse childhood experiences) of four or higher and how that relates to whatever your point is to that crowd.

One can use this “anonymous coin-toss poll” method to make choices between who likes anything at all; music, art, sports, any question can be asked ANONYMOUSLY and it is foolproof which cannot be said for any hackable electronic system where one must put trust in an outside source.



Activated, on-alert, Complex PTSD-driven minds are HIERARCHICAL –driven minds.

When kids cut themselves in hidden places, try not to see it as cutting, it is really gnawing. Humans are tool users, we wish to make something bleed, we reach for a tool, and biting the thing isn’t our first thought. Ever seen a poor helpless animal caged that has gnawed on itself out of frustration, madness, and misery? I hope you’ve only seen images, but it is all too common in both reality and images, you have likely seen pictures at least, if not the reality. Needless to say, reality is worse than a photo.  Animals gnaw. People cut. People use tools, animals do not. When a human cuts, it is really no different, no different AT ALL from GNAWING, period. One has to see this to understand and get what is going on. And one must understand gnawing and cutting are the same thing to hope to be able to help and stop it.

Seeing gnawing and cutting as identical enables one to see that paucity and scarcity driven minds are – Terrified of POOR people and of poverty – it could happen to them! Their brains and yours and mine may not be at all different, in fact, it’s almost for sure if “they” are, and you’re in the middle of all of them, then the odds are that we are all the same – so as I write this be sure you know who “they” and “us” are, because I’m not at all sure we aren’t all on the same side right now more than we know or likely wish to be.

Those convinced the world is a competition and that they may have to have a gun someday to fight over scarce resources are hard-wired to be EXTRA-Sensitive (i.e.; TeRriFiEd) of differenceS, disease, change, and othernesS.  These people, friends, neighbors, family, and ourselves too (sigh!) when we aren’t MINDFUL of it, will lean-back when new opportunity knocks, not lean-forward, and will be driven by fears that well-up from a deep chasm that is the greatest of all, the King of fears; the fear of death – itself – the end – to zero, or to “One” is mere philosophy which ends with its thinker unless there is continuation or the surety of it either one even were one’s own continuation to cease perhaps, almost quantum-physics-like, the surety of a continuation as a copy can suffice as can a Bayesian quantum probability for physical reality.

Fear of death is lying at the center of it all, the secret that sits in the middle, giggling. Its sound is all but muffled so seldom is heard as if never spoken of and yet there solidly at the center sits awaiting the end of it all, like a library burning down. Black ashes carry no great wisdoms nor any relic of a philosophy ever having existed in their carboniferous blackness where once were words reflecting the thoughts of the greatest minds. whose only trait is it’s nothingness and weird ability to overcome all other colors and worse, without addition of any black at all, by merely adding all the colors in combination one eventually finds they all die as well and turn to the nothingness of colorless black. What, after all, would blue be, if black were a color, one wonders. Wiser is it to make black a color or suffer the wrath of a whiteness blinding in its painful expectation of eternity and in stark contrast to a bland non-feeling endless existence of nothingness.

It is reasonable after all that there be a distinction made in words as in sight, yes? Which brings to mind an admittedly errant question, forgive please the temporary free-association if you would please, with my apologies for the inconvenience as you have been so nice to have read this far, even if scanning down…

I wonder;

What is the braille equivalent of white and black I wonder… black should be a grid, a waffle pattern, and white would be the reverse, raised squares, filling in the void with equally void space as was the void of the prior hole in their shared lack of difference and self-comparability to discern any form save a bland expanse as if reaching out into empty space to grope with ones hands would certainly be the sightless deaf gesture for black and feeling against a wall or floor or any flat surface such as a table or even pantomime would best convey, surely to the deaf a sense of whiteness as the opposite of black as is void to surface.

So… um… where were we – To reiterate and quote myself from prior;

Those convinced the world is a competition and that they may have to have a gun someday to fight over scarce resources are hard-wired to be extra-sensitive to differences, disease, change, and otherness – all of us by being MINDFUL will lean-forward when new opportunity knocks and can expect to be greeted with a world of abundance and cooperation and in the ideal at least, infinite life as well as long as one is wishing, right? This is much better than the opposite when one leans backward, not lean-forward, and will be driven by fears that well-up from a deep chasm that is the greatest of all, the King of fears; the fear of death – itself – the end – to zero, or to “One” is mere philosophy which ends with its thinker unless there is continuation or the surety of it either one is equally possible. The fearful yet strive to be dare-devils seeking to overcome their fear of death by denial of it as sport, perhaps?

All of which brings us back round to the root of what GNAWING (i.e.; “cutting”) really is or may perhaps be. Risk taking behaviors and sports manias may bear some psychological similarities as coping mechanisms for fear and stress in which case one can see self-cutting as equivalent to risking one’s life which it is indeed, yes? And if this is true then also to risk one’s life – to do crimes and be antisocial may for some of us be a way of saying to an un-empathetic society disrespectful of life, fine, you don’t care about things that matter but should, and then one doesn’t care about oneself either, perhaps? Anti-social behaviors may be the equivalent of societal self-cutting; slicing into the flesh of societal empathy and caring, turning them to nothing (i.e.; “evil?”).





Mr. Manley, you’ve seen that look in people, even at your age, when going about with your mom and family when struggling  – the “look” on top of the ageism and the race-ism and all the other –ism’s this “look” is due to what social psychologists call the look one see’s in a hierarchical group of primates and is a “primate display” to one of perceived inferior social “status” in the groups hierarchy. In stressed-out wacky groups, this look is something to behold indeed. While it varies individual to individual, I like to think of all the variations as a group as the “scrunchy-faces;” like you just bit into something that had gone bad, very bad. Scrunchy-face is the face of a child morphed onto that of an adult that is terrified of poverty as of disease and death itself.


As very young children death is sensed I suspect more deeply than any adult would or may be physiologically able to believe in that it may wane continuously – or alter – as we age is a very real and even logical possibility, yes? As adults we fear death and yet seem to dare and want GNAWING and risk-taking from smoking to daredevil-anything to risk an unnaturally early and otherwise highly improbable death – yet inexplicably also fear it, I wonder if it is possible we may all begin our lives with what we would likely as not see as a pathological fear of death that has morphed as we age so that as adults we dare it to not exist by facing it – Terrified of Death (and likely of intimacy, and attachment) are we all it seems – (Author Rollo May; “Love and Death.”).  So what was the point – oddly enough – trying to say next time you are mad at someone, remember that Errors are Supposed to Be Opportunities to Learn and that to TEACH ADULTS one has to MODEL the behavior one wishes them to learn. They are old, it will take many, many, many times, but don’t give up, despite appearances, there have been sporadic case-reports of adult learning, (unsubstantiated). :0


To train the policeman to place a different value on the life of others when trained to shoot to kill is Immoral.


To train the attorney and lawyer that to be amoral in jurisprudence is acceptable is Immoral.


To train the teacher, policeman doctor, and first responder to be businesslike and to see their services, and those served; children and the disenfranchised, as chattel is Immoral.


To train the dog, horse, or child to war is Immoral.  


To apply punishment against a child for making an error is Immoral –

Error is Opportunity to Learn and to Teach, not to Punish and be Punished.


To punish any child for any reason in immoral and a missed opportunity to teach by example not only how to not do the punishable action again and also to teach and show by example the correct social behavior in expressing to others that Error is Opportunity to LEARN and to TEACH and not to Punish or be Punished, OK?



Mr. Manley I put your name not onto or into but… I’m not sure what exactly…  but I only had like ten minutes to slide under a deadline so if some New York University Education Accelerator outfit pops up in your daily dealings they put you on campus and teach you and give you  bunch of money to play with and live on both so figured you should have chance to turn it down at least but, as said, don’t expect much, spent only three of the  ten on few sentences on what’s what and rest on auto-question-answers so… I tried. Sorta.


Um … ideas had to be for $50 million plus per year education company ideas… so I tossed out three or four I think, and a concept to rate narcissistic tendencies from Facebook type views that you could probably get six figures for on the spot if you knew the right people… so… I should try to remember what I wrote… uh…


Start-up concepts mentioned included – MINIONS and Shelves in Museum Schools and Kids as curators and foresters and ecology managers, oh my! Following are some of the things half-ass proposed in a few sentences and even less clearly than here.





A.I. minion-software bots would be able to make calls and follow up and ask questions and take actions based on the answers to those questions and learn as it goes to organize and lead the setting up of coordinated specific efforts such as the provisions of immediate support and aid to any child anywhere anytime, period but not done as a huge project requiring a Congressional vote, instead one person says  “go.” Seven (7) day roll out to all 50k districts and full implementation in 14 days thereafter.  (?)





50,000 AI minions to go out to 50,000 school districts to set up system to make schools and communities link up to look after ecology of each and also feed and house kids and moms and whatnot essentials and stock shelves in schools remodeled on museums with stuff curated by kids and helped kept track of by coop agreements with Amazon and Ebay and China’s name I forgot, and Google and Apple and everyone – including art, antique, ancient book and artifact auction houses which NY City is full of and which I’ve corresponded with a few so mentioned one, Lions Heart… I think, too.



Improved Health using Human Ape Harmonizing App to Positively Affect Stress, Affective Internal Organ Tonality and Cortisol Levels via Vagus Nerve and Thymus situated near Voicebox


Music Live cell-phone application enables any size group to HARMONIZE in real-time together and to hear themselves doing it. This Hum thing – Might have it “roll around the planet” as the sun goes and have people listen and watch to see the Earths pre-breath as the air moves slightly just before the light hits and all the animals begin making noise – just a wee bit before the arrival of first light the noise is heard first then a slight movement of the air if it was motionless before and then first light always in that order all the world round, a Speaker of Stones once told me and now I’m telling you. One needs utter silence to notice such things, they are always there though, whether listened to or not, like knowledge itself, always going round and round without losing pattern, yes?


HEALTHY INFLAMATION DECREASING INTERNAL-ORGAN ORGAN-BALANCING MUSIC – They asked for likely partners and I suggested the Pokemon-Go people as ideal as partners for the Vagus nerve and inflammation reducing harmonizing cell-phone application (described above) to teach music and ALSO and perhaps far more importantly – about our, mankind’s early history not of violence but of cooperation as we all as one sang to greet the rising of the Sun for this is far more accurate a depiction than that we spent our time fighting in tree’s like baboons; we aren’t baboons and the reason they are still in tree’s and we aren’t is because they fought while we sang and worked and played in harmony – Yep!





Note for Worldwide Harmony App;


– for later – look into William F. Wolf Foundation promotes music education heard on 91.3FM and may be a good contact in regard getting the world wide humming greet the sun chant tai-chi teach music and singing or whatever one wants to call it day thing plus recent Vagus Nerve research on organs and inflammation as tie in.


The NY EdTech application will likely be tossed out right-away I’m mostly sure;  I also made a pretty clear point as I recall that…




100% of all child abuse and neglect is detectable and preventable – it is – for real.



Mentioned to NYC EdTech too. 


1 in 3 is NOT OK, OK?






Narcissism Scale Indicator Measurement Method


HELLO, MY FACE IS UP HERE – This is so SIMPLE yet powerful, like the anonymous coin toss – and it also may be Monetizable which the anonymous coin toss is not I don’t think. As a friend relayed to me not on Facebook but another similar site, of 850 responses, only about two percent mentioned her art although every single photo other than the lead one were of her art and just the one lead photo of her – this is a large sampling of the “world” to a large degree, so what I wonder if we had 100 people in each town of Compton, CA, Chicago, Illinois, Pembroke Pines, FL and the small isolated town of Christmas Village in Colorado – I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the hundred people in Christmas Village, CO score is different to a statistically significant degree, perhaps. Might be a useful tool is my point to measure a number of different normally hard to define let alone measure social quantifiers such as black white thinking, narcissism, fear of new surroundings and change, and much more due to the relatedness of all.


SIDE-WAYS viewed FISH SMILE as determinants of hemispheric dominance, maybe; along the same lines there are many variations once one starts thinking on it. One may be able to sous out which brain hemisphere is dominant or is being bullied in a sense within individuals and also to tell if the degree of disharmony is causing large or small changes to ones perceptions and ability to adapt. What is proposed is be a means of telling which hemisphere is dominant and more prone to “holes” in one’s perception which holes are to enable the person to be more effective in their community and faster when reacting to negative stimuli and more dominant.  One way to accomplish this may be to have an undersea scene hung side-ways so that the fish ones swimming along the bottom are seen to be going from top right to bottom left downward once rotated thusly. Some persons will stand to the right, others to the left, and angle their heads accordingly when viewing it. A second picture they come across can be similar but rotated the opposite way to see if the same persons as before now step again to the right or to the left and angle their heads accordingly. Persons stepping to the left in the first instance will see the fish moving top right to bottom right but will also see the fish-faces upside down and the smile pointing downward – did they notice the fish-smiles or were these made invisible by the viewers mind to simplify the image? It is hypothesized that persons view the image from the right, and seeing the fish-face smiles in the accustomed normal perspective will spur more of these to be able to see the smile in the first place, as compared to those stepping to the other side. When these same people look at the second picture described above and it is also flipped but the other way – when they step to the left instead of right, if they do, they should see the smiles on the fish faces with the same frequency as those persons that normally step in the opposite direction presumably using a different dominant side of the brain and perhaps also displaying then a difference in the data processing strategies of the two hemispheres in these individuals in that some will be more likely to see the smiles and some less likely, perhaps. Just a thought to add to the narcissism test/evaluation idea just prior which is similar –



Nerd Lingo 101:

Know “MAKE IT SO.” – “Make it so,” is an old mariners and sea captains phrase to his deckhands and shipmates, and also a famous saying of all the Star Trek captains in the movies and the various spin-off television series as well.



– 1 in 3 abused or neglected is bad because it’s real and real means biological and measurable a dozen different ways, period. Just need the WILL to make it happen.  Like “got milk,” – got will to “make it so?”

–          “GOT WILL?”   On your mark, get set, GO!




a Continental FUGIO We Are One 1776 Very First One Cent Currency designed by Benjamin Franklin 2

WE ALL ONE – For REAL – we may all be one, yes?


Yes. Really. No kidding. Err… Maybe?


Yup – seriously, and it CAN’T be disproven. Think on that a second – CANNOT be disproven – in fact, it is (scientifically, mathematically, logically, all three) provable that it can’t be disproven. Yup. No kidding.


MAYBE! If the following CONCEPT is brought to the attention of the right people, death penalty and abortion rights could be affected, among other social issues. This concept-proposition-hypothesis or whatever one wishes to call it holds out the possibility there is just one consciousness in all existence that flits mind to mind so fast none of us is aware of it and cannot sense it in others since it all seems continuous from each individuals perspective. This sounds odd and will be described a little bit more later, but the point isn’t whether it’s a correct and true perspective on the world but whether or not it could be, and provably, it is could be true indeed. More, it is provably as possible as saying that all of us are separate – this is relevant because it could weigh heavily in subsequent debates on the issuer of contraception and abortions as well as for the death penalty and vegetarianism if framed the right way by the right parties able to get the message across (whatever that message is).  I strongly believe women have the right to choose so having the architect of so much nastiness on the horribly mis-named Pro-Life side be the go-to guy is very concerning but…  perhaps such worries are better left for younger minds to ponder and err if that be the outcome – this is a hard one to call as to what a right-action is, or even a best-action.


If someone can put the one consciousness possibility and how it delivers all that he’s ever wanted into the mind of this ONE guy that started the whole PRO-LIFE movement way back when ,  and he MIGHT choose to run with it in which case things would change, politics, the Trump situation with Hilary and Stein, and may change enough peoples perspective  on the DEATH PENALTY due to the HUGE amount of attention the whole thing will get from the ANTI-ABORTION lobby – and this huge juggernaut of a media machine that the Pro-life anti-abortion people have will also spill over and be a big boost to VEGETARIANISM and to  Animal Rights and such – Look into ODD FELLOWS INTERNATIONAL also when get time if this is pursued later (they were called “odd fellows” in earlier centuries because it was “odd” in those early times to see well-dressed gentlemen get down in gutters with street urchin children and poor women to offer help and aid and so they were “odd fellows.” Yup.

Fix Thinking

Here’s something else to help change things; It is logically, philosophically, religiously and even mathematically and scientifically provable that it is entirely possible there is but ONE single consciousness in ALL of material reality the Universe-wide, end to end, across trillions of stars and planets and all of time beginning to end as well and that this ONE conscious awareness pops into and out of our minds so fast, smallest amoeba to tiny ant and  you and I and an elephant and whale as well.


Imagine then, if one will and can, that in all the universe there is but the one single consciousness that pops into and out of our minds, one can imagine, if one can, so fast, amoeba to ant to human to whale that none of us notices in the least and thinks all is well and good as we go along on our separate paths, like the toy children play with where a line of hard ball bearings are suspended by wires and when one ball is pulled back and released to bang into the line of similarly suspended balls, the end-most one pops out whilst those behind it move not a bit seemingly thought it is through they that the energy was clearly transmitted, sequentially along the line, so too perhaps consciousness in all of us.


As Ben Franklin put onto the first U.S. coinage; “We Are One,” is perhaps true in the real and not just philosophical sense as well, who knows ? And this is the point – it is IMPOSSIBLE to prove that this is NOT THE CASE – really – truly – it can be proved that it cannot be unproved that this is NOT POSSIBLE – this can’t be done for the existence or non-existence of a God but it CAN be done to validate that we MAY all be ONE consciousness which is kind of wild if I can communicate what I’m trying to get at here properly to you.


This is logically provable in ways many other similar sounding statements aren’t and that makes it possibly very special indeed because that sharing from amoeba to man is valid reason as well for man to not kill man nor amoeba whenever he can manage it – no need to limit the statement to man should not kill man, humankind should not kill, period and this would bear hugely one would imagine in the immorality of the DEATH PENALTY.


a child in need needs a teacher friend indeed


Capture peace






Teachers need to take an Oath as Doctors used to (and still do) – this was pushed a lot years ago and should be revisited.





Mr. Manley was YOUNGEST EVER WOW! What’s up with the School district and school Bd members – How is it everyone isn’t going nuts and screaming from the rooftops over Elijah, I don’t get it? Is it ageism? Ageism on a school board doesn’t bode well for kids does it? TOTAL NARCICISTIC AGEISM & COMPLETE Lack of Respect –  Aargh!



Mr. Manley you are in my opinion far, far more of a “legit” assignor of the inquiry into the possibility of a confabulating (misleading) factor relevant to the $200 billion dollar tobacco settlement – don’t you agree, yes?



Our brains are designed for a world of scarcity and competition and when the world isn’t that way we re-create the scarcity and competition – it’s in our DNA and in the way our brains are wired to do things.


 a FB heart pic with infant feet







WOW Elijah – check out the lyrics to TEARS FOR FEARS – SOWING THE SEEDS OF LOVE – It’s about 1960’s politics yet sounds like they’re speaking of today’s political situation – Friend found on Aminandel’s(?) Youtube channel but any will do. The lyrics are wild for something from 80’s-ish.








A good idea, yes?


As a chance for students to model good behavior for teachers, really, is the idea – perhaps let the teachers think they are doing for their students though, or that it’s for both students and teachers to learn, otherwise the teachers most insecure about whether they can do it will be afraid and refuse, it is important to these that they feel superior to their students and being corrected will be especially hard for these so kids must be extra gentle with the worst (most nasty) of them since they are the ones that need the most understanding, attention, and love, that’s why they (scrunchy-face adults) act the way they do sometimes. How about an; Adopt a scrunchy-face adult day! Um, yeah, maybe not, but the “say only positive things day,”  that’s worth a try maybe,  yes?

If timed right, This could affect JILL STEIN and politics in general, an “INFINITE or BOUNDLESS FUTURES DAY has interesting POTENTIAL;  a Positive All Day – day, perhaps? – Or an Infinity and Beyond Day? Got a good name for it?


When one catches ones teacher saying something not positive, kids would be instructed to remember they can’t be negative and scold the teacher for being negative, that would be negative – instead they have to remember that Errors are Teaching moments and this is a teaching moment for their teacher to learn that an Errors are Opportunities to Learn, not opportunities to be punished, or scolded. I think the adults could be taught this if all the students have enough patience with them and spend a whole day focusing on teaching their teachers this, don’t you agree – they’re plenty smart enough, and they work hard at what they do, I think they’ll learn eventually, what do you think?


Hmm – this could be big I think were it to catch on, worth a thought. I was around when they first started “Earth Day” which I’m not even sure is a thing anymore, but the point is, I’m picturing a “GO ALL DAY WITOUT SAYINGONE SINGLE NEGATIVE THING” day and also perhaps making the additional point to spur people on, that is it very likely completely IMPOSSIBLE – which implicitly dares us all to try. It may be, impossible, I would not be surprised. But I mention it because were this day to JUST HAPPEN to be on the day of the FIRST DEBATE and if JILL STEIN is NOT part of the Debate (she may be) then to PROVIDE HER AN ADDED BOOST to differentiate herself and increase the talking points surrounding the event and to MUCH more tightly LINK her to the first debate despite her not being invited and also INJECT at the same time very clear positive messaging is a win, win, win, win so I’m mentioning it to you, yup: To reiterate – Were our district to push for this and why not, shouldn’t all candidates be nice, not say negative things and only tell the truth and only to see good things happen? Devious to wish to have kids see if it is even possible on an election day – and even more devious to suggest that it should be YOU as the moderator of the first debate, or Co-Moderator at a minimum should an all-positive separate speech be needed which by the way, need not be the official one – they can float a test balloon by creating an all positive speech purportedly just for “Browards’ Speak Positive One Whole Day Challenge” should she consider accepting it… just thinking out loud…  gets at a lot of issues all at once so I like it more I think on it, perhaps it’ll grow on one, yes?


Perhaps Dan Gohl would be the guy to speak to or write to He is the Chief Academic officer.  754-321-2618 – to inquire about a district wide “NASTY TO NICE” or even better, “No Nasty, Just Nice All Day Spoken Word and Deed Day”- child movement –  or something-something –  anyway, you get the idea, right?





In summary; On the day of the 1st presidential debate call for a day at school and home – all school kids – to NOT say anything negative for One Entire Day and have Jill Stein if not at debate do an all positive debate with Elijah D. Manley to be the Moderator for Jill on that day.







PALANTIR & MATHEMATICA – These aren’t suggested contacts just for the tobacco stuff – they are needed to go after the big-picture issues discussed here – Complex PTSD and more. We may not be at a cusp or Tipping Point – we may already be FLIPPED, yes? These companies are knowledgeable about something called “chaos theory” and “agent-modeling” and use computer simulations to see the world in a “dynamical” way as a sort of chaotic dance and if asked would say that we are clearly at a tipping point in regard social, economic, scientific, and religious issues – all of these and more. These people literally run and own the world, are running it, do own it – not the people at these two companies – the two extremes of those who thing we are about to achieve what is called a “singularity” point and arrive at a world of abundance and cooperation and infinite expansion out into the Universe and perhaps even other dimensions some day while the rest see mankind as ultimately doomed by its own imperfections either on purpose, by accident, or by nature – oh yeah; or war or aliens or pollution and global warming and seas rising or asteroids, all kinds of bad things.


Doomsday-rians and Singularity-rians are 100 percent wrong and we may not be at a tipping point as much as mostly tipped all the way over. You ‘ve (perhaps) been the only place one can see the truth to be able to go to them (school board, people that make things happen) and convince them of how wrong they are seeing things (and see the basics of a decent life as minimal human rights – in that situation living out of a storage unit with your Mom – I’m not sure but I suspect that we may be at a tipping point between brains optimized for growth to take over from brains optimized for competition – in which case one might expect to see a flip occur as all our brains hop on board for the ride to abundance and plenty. Problem is, what if we are flipped, not on a cusp of change? From the inside of an already-flipped system what one see’s is the seeming divisions right and left and all the turmoil, yes? Seeing this turmoil, the black/white discrepancy between right/left politics and we think the seeming black-white differences are indicators of a flip-right or flip-left scenario but it may all be illusion, yes? What being flipped to the “nasty” side may mean is that one has a society and world prone to such starkly contrasting dichotomies in politics, economics, morality and government.





When one is at a cusp one already has one foot well into the side of abundance and plenty to “pull” the rest in… we have no foot or leg placed firmly in abundance, we have the full knowledge that it is possible now for us to go there, to put one and then both feet planted firmly on the side of abundance and cooperation over competition and scarcity but it is not a real thing yet – We are FLIPPED already is my concern – not about to Flip to the good or the bad, already Flipped and solidly on the nasty side too, not the good side. What I’ve just typed is a bunch of words and I can’t say for sure we are or aren’t flipped or at a tipping point or neither and just swinging back and forth from a centerline like we are programmed to do Homeostatically – but I do know there are people at both Mathematica and at Palantir to whom the above words will be a clarion call to find out which we are because it is their calling.


So when considering contacting them and when speaking of tobacco and longevity and what not with them, keep in mind the real reason and don’t be shy about bringing it up at every opportunity it is why they are being spoken with in the first place, not tobacco or even longevity or government whistleblower issues – it’s making sure the people in the know really know what’s up. I’m pretty sure they may have missed this – this is what it looks like from the INSIDE of a flipped system so it LOOKS like on is at a Tipping Point between two extremes, it is illusion to keep the system flipped, it is what flipped is and is supposed to look like – I’m pretty sure anyway.  Yep.


“Save our Shire” is a motto from Lord of Rings, Shire is where the dwarf’s live – and this is also the motto of many of the employee’s at the company Palantir in California. A “Palantir” is an all seeing globe in Lord of Rings – the Data Analysis people at the company Palantir do Tai-Chi regularly led by the boss – I’m hoping to seek their help to “save our shire.”

awesom example of equity vs equality for Broward Floridas Diversity School Board Committee

The people at both these companies, although you’ve walked the walk, have likely as not visited places and seen things in person that neither of us can hardly conceive of and so they will likely see the value in you as a young man and in the value of what you bring them hopefully too and perhaps be able to do things said value that neither of us can hardly conceive, one hopes, yes?






PUT SHELVES IN SCHOOLS NOT SRO School-Police – or 1/3rd each of S.I.U.’s, Firemen(& Firewomen) & E.M.T.’s!


Replace SRO’s with School Investigative Units (ridiculous acronym, yes?)


Replace School-Police-SRO’s with SHELVES


Seriously – Think on it a moment; this will AUTOMATICALLY remake prison-like schools into museum like places of wonder and learning as they should be and even more exciting, will make KIDS into STEWARDS, CARETAKERS, COLLECTORS and CURATORS, not FUTURE CRIMINALS to IMPRISON. Get it?


TAKE SCHOOL POLICE OUT AND PUT MORE SHELVES IN SCHOOLROOMS! Why shelves?  Classrooms with wall to wall shelves and display cases will look SILLY if all empty and will eventually be filled with stuff and treasures. This will concern some teachers that have zero control of their students and don’t understand what teaching is and requires because it has never been expected of them fully perhaps until faced with a bunch of shelves full of stuff and a roomful of eager rambunctious kids. What-cha-gonna-do is learn fast – guaranteed. Unless there’s an armed and dangerous miscreant lurking outside as a boogyman to scare the kids with, that’s what is done now to avoid having to be a real teacher, one can simply pretend to be a teacher by mouthing the words one’s pretend principal and pretend superintendent and pretend school board wishes on to say. Put in shelves and this really screws with the pretenders heads, if you follow. Here’s why –




Shouldn’t we try to TAKE BACK our public classrooms and schools from ARMED MILITARY TRAINED SCRUNCHY-FACED people we actually intentionally train to be robot-like, yes?


I’m not being insulting; these are good things in an army-grunt but not good for a peace-officer when both are TRAINED TO SHOOT TO KILL WHEN CONFRONTED. Better to remove these dangerously trained people immediately, yes? To allow persons trained in this military-manner to “police” a school militarily is unsafe; repeat – SRO’s, (and unfortunately many S.I.U.’s until their training is entirely in-house within a school districts’ control), are trained to shoot to kill when confronted by aiming for the center of mass – same as a military person trained to take out an enemy whose life has zero value in comparison to that of the soldier-police-shooter. For real – I mean; Really? I mean, like; He(c-k) NO!


Want a Peanut?

Why have kids be caretakers of their communities and be responsible for the ecology in and around each child’s home and build THIS INTO OUR municipal framework of laws and regulations to be a REAL thing where one can see that this or that area doesn’t have enough wild butterfly flowers or has just chopped down the last native rare Oak in five square miles – for one because NO ONE ELSE WILL and the other is because no one else can be trusted to have the right eyes and ears and heart for the job – the hearts of adults are broken or else we wouldn’t be having this discussion and we’d be speaking of having the kids take over the job that the adults are doing in protecting and caring for things – but the adults ARENT properly protecting and caring for things, and they are ill in this way and need the help of kids. Seriously – kids modeling correct behavior will help them to heal and be better.  Here is how the healing happens; Kids doing their “job” to care for their homes and schools and be good STEWARDS and also CARETAKERS and COLLECTORS and CURATORS will help to teach “mindfulness” to adults.


Mindfulness is a big word for noticing things one doesn’t normally notice. Here’s an example; Just yesterday a squirrel left a brand new peanut at my front door inside the screen when it must have been left open briefly. I recently stopped putting peanut butter on tree’s out front, slowed down first, now out. It could be coincidence, but I don’t think so, I’m often “gifted” with little stones and such where I feed them. They also like to play with sticks and leaves on occasion, tossing them about like toy balls – also seen them lay on their back and either dare another to come over and tickle them, or what I’m not sure, but it also involves popping straight up in the air to do a little somersault and land right where you started as if to say; see if you can do that! So, perhaps I’m anthropomorphizing, but I don’t believe so, I think my comment about tickling may be anthropomorphizing, but not so with the equitable fair-trade gifting of the peanut and stones – social creatures are hardwired from birth to see this as a really, really BIG THING, humans especially – chimpanzees and squirrels too – if a squirrel isn’t a monkey in a squirrel-suit, I don’t know what is.


I wonder if my squirrels think it’s their fault perhaps that I’m not giving them any more peanut butter and I’m holding back; Alas, no… I’m just not going to be here to feed peanut butter soon, and ran out.  Sigh –It’s always the innocents isn’t it that suffer for others pains, irrational fears and errors?  Squirrels and kids always suffer when adults see them as competition – I can’t count the number of seriously concerned animated red faces I’ve seen all scrunched-up sputtering about this reason or that reason, that the reasons vary so widely is the first clue that they are all nonsense, of course – these people are TERRIFIED of being where the squirrel and the child are, ever – to the bone terrified that someone will see that in all the world there is no child more sad, confused, helpless, pathetic and lost nor any squirrel so small, nor as easy to dismiss as an inconsequential nothing, not even human, not remotely – as those that fear the child and squirrel.


It is the children that do the most horrendous acts that are screaming out loudest for attention, belonging, and empathy for themselves and when grown up, which happens to most, then horrendous acts of incivility and disrespect will be directed at the weaker, the old, the sick, the young, the differently-abled, women, poor, wherever succor can be found through misery the adult-child starving still for attention, belonging and empathy will seek it out in all the wrong ways and all the wrong places. Be proud of being “righteously homeless” and know that it is TRUE that there IS a GREAT SHAME that is rightfully associated with homelessness, with being homeless, and with being poor and that shame is for all those that are not when a righteous young man such as yourself and such as your Mom, and myself as well, are homeless not because of a lack of willingness to work, nor even from lack of money or gifts in exchange for what is needed, but rather due the sickness that demands the poor and homeless serve as the scapegoats for the self-hate and misery of the larger surrounding community.







What do you think of; A World Clock to countdown how close we are or aren’t to becoming a “humane” world and species? Good idea, yes?


SHELTER, FOOD & HEALTH ARE HUMAN RIGHTS – These can be what the Human

Rights Clock ticks towards perhaps – a kind of opposite to the countdown to nuclear Armageddon (that spell-checkers automatically capitalize the “a” in Armageddon is a bit creepy in retrospect, yes?) clock that is ALWAYS published on the front page of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists – One of the transhumanist and also longevity and singularity and futurist magazines, or better yet, all of them can publish yours, and whom else but children could be trusted with such a task I ask you, so kids it should be to put-out a monthly Countdown to a Humane World Clock , yes?


One wonders; What Organization is Tracking the Numbers that Agree to this? We should find them and if no one is, then become that Information Source and perhaps copy the BULLENTIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS that public an “hours till midnight” Doomsday clock showing how close they think mankind is moving towards atomic destruction as things happen in the world to make it more or less likely. Perhaps a clock not for midnight but for…. 8AM – almost time to Wake Up? Greet the rising Sun with a hoot and a harmonious song, yes?


When this new proposed “Count-down to a Humane World Clock” hits 8 or noon or midnight or whatever the idea is that this means that; Everyone in the world will be sheltered, fed, and cared for health wise and spiritually too one would presume if all these are taken care of by then.




It was incredibly brave of you to speak of your homelessness, very brave indeed. Very manly, Mr. Manley (Yep, had to, so-sorry;). If one is homeless and one doesn’t feel shame, there may be a reason; sometimes the shame is in those around one. It is best to look them in the eye and try to be mindful of why they are that way. This will better enable one to see the fear, aching for belonging, and misery that in these persons. Those that denigrate the weak, homeless, children, elderly; these persons are gnawing and cutting deeply into not just themselves but also, oddly, our-selves as well, yes?


Don’t hide ones pity and sadness at the moral poverty of others, let these others (public) see one would help them if one could. In fact, by being where one is, even if homeless, for by doing so one is helping them immeasurably for without such examples set before us we are without hope whether realizing it or not – so thank you Elijah, sincerely and NOT just for your brave honesty but for the real-core reason you did it (not to be called brave and be complimented about it, clearly, duh!); but to help us (adults). Boy do we ever need it, yes? 😉


I mean, like, did you read that first nasty reactive-scarcity-competitive-challenging-negative sounding version of this same missive/email, I hope not; no?


This email is a pro-active-abundant-cooperative-rewarding-positive sounding version, yes?




a Continental FUGIO We Are One 1776 Very First One Cent Currency designed by Benjamin Franklin 2








So what’s up?


What can we do to PROMOTE our OWN young 17 year old Mr. Elijah Manley – teachers, Union and PTA can all be getting the word out about what he’s accomplished being the youngest ever to run for president as part of the Green Party because it is a source of pride for all Broward schoolkids, yes?


His name should be known by all 250,000 kids in Broward, yes?


Here’s an awesome opportunity to show kids what a kid can do to raise them up – woo-hoo! And high-fives all-round too!


Students, parents and teachers can ALL brag with pride on this young man in our midst and give him a “shout-out,” yes?


Mr Manley and mom were once homeless in a storage unit if you haven’t heard him speak on it.


He shamed (in a good way, kinda?) the entire county and school district (nation too) after everyone (on the school board) said flat out (they kinda did, yes?) that we have adequate Resources and provide sufficient Services that we CLEARLY do NOT, yes?


Our school board and superintendent misspoke, yes?


As one the board said we have resources (H.E.A.R.T.) although if so then it is impossible to explain what Mr. Manley and his mom were doing in a storage unit if there really was housing available, yes?


a technogain space boat floating city and space elevator building of course


1 in 3 kids abused is NOT OK, yes?


Justice against kids is immoral because error is opportunity to learn and when this is so, our schools will be OK, yes?


an attendance boost to schools from pets in classrooms



Salt of the Earth Held in Broward, Florida Jails and Prisons?

a revolutiona truth told with good intent is a good thing indeed agreed yes question markAll

Salt of the Earth Held in Broward, Florida Jails and Prisons? – Hospitals and Schools?

Florida’s Most Serious Epidemic is NOT the Zika Virus, it is CPTSD!

All Institutions serving the Weak and Powerless in Regions suffering Complex PTSD are affected by high levels of Toxic Stress; notable examples include Compton, CA, Chicago, Ill., and Broward County, Florida.

A Most Amazing Thing – “Salt of the Earth”

I recently learned of the most amazing thing and am anxious to share it with you – People on the inside of our U.S. jails, as a group, all take the view that the larger society on the “outside” is mentally-ill! Are they right? Error is opportunity to teach and to learn not to punish or be punished, OK? One in three kids abused nationally is not OK, OK?

When discussed this simple fact is not shared as an opinion or a joke, instead it is seen as simple fact and “is what it is;” a presumed, a given. I have no idea how long this fascinating perspective has been the case, for some time I’d guess. Think on this a moment. Incredibly, this perspective is so commonly-held on the “inside” that it is a given and taken for granted that all know it! Here in South Florida, inmates in our Broward County, Florida jails and prisons commonly speak among themselves of how those on the inside are the healthy ones and those on the outside the mentally unhealthy and hurting ones. Those of us on the outside of U.S. jails and prisons are seen as mentally ill by those on the inside – This is rather astounding isn’t it, yes? The only people that told truth and were trustworthy in my brief experience in our Broward jail, discounting braggadocio to compensate for the fear and loss of autonomy, were those on the inside; those employed by the State felt no obligations to truth or humanity. Inmates however held onto both truth and humane ideals admirably despite their surly treatment. Surely the phrase “salt of the Earth” was coined for just such scenarios; to righteously describe inmates as “salt of the Earth” is no idle compliment. It is also a clear damnation of those “outside;” Something to think upon, yes?

We are ill and our illness has put our children and young adults in harm’s way and in trouble and in need of our immediate help – these are not strangers, they are our sons and daughters. If one removed; the homeless people, people with addiction problems, mental illness, petty drug charges, parole violations designed to keep the parolee victims in a perpetual cycle of incarceration and poverty, and those simply there because they are unable to pay their way out from one or more civil infractions that are not criminal – if one removes all of these – our Broward County Jails would be EMPTY – no exaggeration.  Inmates readily admit to criminal acts, to say they lie about this is itself a lie – and in addition to admissions having done wrong against the State in describing the circumstances of their personal guilt each person will also have an additional tale of woe to tell of wrongs to them by the State; Two wrongs do not make a right.

CPTSD Toxic-Stress Affects Everyone; Inside and Outside.

Inmates, prisoners and detainee’s often discuss that those inside (not the jailors, the jailed) are more humane and mentally stable; they come by this presumption by observation of how they themselves have been treated in their lives as viewed through the lens of where they are now and how those inside the jails and prisons are treated and looked upon and perceived – how those inside our jails are viewed by their jailers and by those on the outside that incarcerated them, both.


Florida’s Most Serious Epidemic is NOT the Zika Virus, it is CPTSD!

Affected organizations are showing Institutional Complex PTSD Symptoms at both the individual and organizational levels. The degree of severity is measurable using the same statistical analysis as is used with other pathological and highly contagious epidemic-causing diseases in addition to simple direct observation.


What is PTSD and CPTSD?

Having PTSD does not mean one is damaged; it means one is perfectly adapted to the real world. When a soldier returns with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, PTSD, the person is not “damaged” in the conventional sense – they have become more perfectly adapted to their environment, the real environment, the one where traumatic horrors really do happen to people, not the world the way we wish it was – and so their brain has adapted to be better able to deal with dangerous situations in the future and be more likely to survive.


People with PTSD and CPTSD have re-tuned their brain to be able to react faster to unexpected situations and noises, to see things as more black and white to be able to make snap judgements faster, to be more selfish and aggressive in times of scarcity and more conservative in ones willingness to share with those deemed different. A glass half-filled becomes a glass half empty. The person is different in an adaptive way to the world as it really is, a world where babies really do explode in front of one and this changes both who we are and how we see things, how we make judgements, how we think, and how we and interact with others.


CALL TO ACTION – This Needs Doing Right Now, Today:

Five, ten and up to twenty percent of all Broward prisoners are in custody because they are denied reasonable access to phones and phone numbers. This is beyond surreal. The State is profiting by literally kidnapping people to fill jail house beds. I’ve seen it. I have proof. You are about to hear of it and more right here, right now and there will be no denying it.


To repeat; Five, ten and up to twenty percent of ALL persons in Broward prisoners are there for the sole reason that they have no way to reach anyone on the outside to provide help and are denied reasonable access to both free phones and to phone numbers!


Your sons and daughters are in jail because they’ve been kidnapped and cannot call out to friends or family, this is done intentionally to profit by their filling the jailhouse beds to capacity and beyond. It doesn’t sound possible or real. It shouldn’t be possible, it shouldn’t be reality.


Denial of access to both free phones and to phone numbers! It is happening now. You didn’t know before, but after reading this, you will. You and I and many others will end the injustice and free many children within the week by doing this simple thing, count on it – we must Make-It-So, OK?



What is C-PTSD?

Complex PTSD is behaviorally transmitted and therefore can result in Epidemic outbreaks. What is behaviorally transmitted Complex-PTSD? Why should someone that hasn’t suffered th trauma of going to war or seen a drive-by shooting care? Complex PTSD is a social disease – it is Behaviorally Transmitted Neurotoxic Stress that causes our brains and our perceptions and beliefs about the world we live in to change and adapt to be better suited to a world that is dangerous, short of resources, brutal and competitive even when this is not an accurate of the real world we live in – it will still seem to be all of these things to those affected.


CPTSD affects Institutions Serving the Weakest and most Powerless the Most!

How can one tell if one or one’s community has CPTSD? Even those with CPTSD can diagnose CPTSD in their community, in themselves and in others after first overcoming any initial resistance to the concept as would be expected, especially for one predisposed to be more emotionally contrary and reactive, more distrustful, and inclined to see things in terms of bad and good, black and white. It is now possible to use “big data” to produce maps to show area’s where key health and social indicators will indicate if and where epidemic levels of toxic stress are occurring and causing rampant behavioral transmission of unwanted traits in the larger society – these area’s then light-up like Christmas tree’s to show problem area’s – as the result of decades of gross fiduciary and humanitarian abuses, Florida is one such Christmas tree, unfortunately.


Fully 1/10th of the U.S. Population is Already On-board and Aware of our National Mental Un-Healthiness – and now it has a name; Complex PTSD.


Keep in mind that fully one-tenth of the population has now walked in the shoes and flip-flops of those in a prison or jail by being there themselves – more than one half, the majority of U.S. citizens now has a direct familial and/or friendship connection to one or more persons that have served time in a U.S. jail or prison – the majority of us have either been there ourselves or have someone in our lives of significance that has been there, incredibly. “They” know what’s going on, what of the rest, what of you, good reader?


What does a community suffering CPTSD look like – our community – Broward County, Florida. It is not hard to tell when a Complex PTSD epidemic has and is occurring – like the measles and chicken pox, there’s no hiding it, it’s right out front and in one’s face for all to see that care to look. When it has become an epidemic, toxic-stress induced CPTSD pathology can be found by searching through large data sets to connect disparate tidbits of information or it can be had by simple observation of ones surroundings.

CPTSD is a REAL injury NOT a Political or Social OPINION OK.

  • When a surreal ten to twenty percent of persons in jail are simply there because they’ve been kidnapped and are not able to contact anyone on the outside – this indicates some type of pathology (lawlessness, or madness) surely, yes?


  • Officers ignoring the pleas of a young former Boyd Anderson High School football player in a holding cell potentially dying of head trauma and finding humor in it, this is pathology, yes?


  • Officers’ ignoring a young homeless and hungry girl for the thrill of catching speeding motorists is a sign of some sort of pathology, yes?


  • Officers serving breakfast at 3AM in county jails can be for just one reason – to harass – Yes? Slave labor is used so that there is no cost differential of any significance, which makes cost a completely bogus excuse – it is about PUNISHMENT, power and control – by a sadly damaged and screaming for help “outside” world. That those on the inside already speak of the mechanics of CPTSD epidemics without knowing the biology and science behind it is not amazing, they live it every day regardless of what fancy words or concepts one wishes to use to describe “it” – “it” is real and they know of it intimately in a way hollow words like Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cannot hope to ever fully describe.


  • Officers nonchalantly joking about whether pets left unattended will survive or not after an arrest-kidnapping, this too is pathology, yes?


  • Pathology is indicated when U.S. veterans must deny being veterans on their paperwork to be treated properly in Broward jails and prisons, yes?


  • Pathology is indicated when veterans are told additional medical care shouldn’t be expected since the veteran voluntarily chose to go back a second time, after all, yes?


  • Pathology is when everyone knows that children’s back’s ache from overly large textbooks and no one can quite figure out how to make one book into two books, yes?


  • Pathology is when prisoners too have noticed and regularly discuss that mental illness and a lack of humanity are the rule on the “outside,” yes?


  • Pathology is when a doctor cannot distinguish torture from his Doctor’s Oath to do no harm and happily prescribes pain medication every 6 instead of every 4 hours to increase the patients suffering and admits as much saying that it will help motivate the person to not do the undesired behavior in the future – this is an inhumane and gross pathology, yes?


  • Pathology is when a hospital disgorges itself of the unwanted by carrying a young girl out their front door, not the emergency door in this example, cross-legged and frothing at the mouth, unable to walk herself or focus from eyes being crossed and suffering small seizures, with the excuse that 3 days prior the person had been signed-off as being competent to discharge themselves, yes?


  • Pathology is when a young mom of three young school age children loses her job and calls 211 only be provided a circular list of phone numbers without connection to resources and is told by the State that they will call back in a week or two – knowing that children cannot go weeks without food and shelter – and all the while social service organizations busily hand out awards to one another while speaking of “wraparound” services for the indigent – this is a profound and deeply sad pathology, yes?


  • Pathology is when middle-school girls little taller than a footstool are handcuffed in their classroom in front of every person in the world that matters to them socially and the officer is seen to walk proudly out the schools front door, back straight, chest held high, as if leading a trophy horse, yes?


  • Pathology is when out of 250 Broward schools, only 5 of the schools can say that more than half will graduate able to pass the minimum standards for all 6 main subjects that are the national standard, this too is a signpost to a deep social pathology, yes?


  • Isn’t it more pathological than criminal when one creates fake diplomas for 6,000 Broward H.S. “graduates” – mostly black – lest the lack of a diploma supposedly hinder their job prospects (which presumably no one expects to require them to be educated or to be able to read at grade level) and more importantly, possibly hinder the job prospects of those that failed to fund an adequate education for them, yes?


  • Societal pathology is certainly indicated when special protections designed for children, babies and their Moms have are extended to include and cover Attorneys who are seen as being Equal in Need to Babies when it comes to securing financial support and protections in the eyes of a severely compromised legal system in South Florida and nationwide. A “purge” is a legal process that insures that child care payments go to children from a parent or see that parent risk jail time and pulling of ones driver’s license while a “civil purge” insures that attorneys fee’s go to attorneys from any citizen owing them money or the citizen risks going to jail and loss of license; this is (severely) pathological too, yes?


a big no way not again this time

Attorneys and Babies should NOT be equal under the Law, OK?


I now have personal observations to share across the board in all of our main service organizations here in Broward.


By definition of the behaviorally-transmitted nature of the CPTSD spectrum disorder it will not be found in just one local institution or a few once well established, it will be found in all key organizations serving the weakest and most voiceless of us, the young, old, infirm, disadvantaged, poor and more – and where found it is not subtle, but onerous and grotesque in its dimensions. These then are the Two calling cards of a full-onset epidemic that make Societal and Institutional CPTSD diagnosis trivial; its (1) ubiquity and (2) obviousness.

a technogain space boat floating city and space elevator building of course

Affected Institutions and Organizations Include;


Veterans Administration





Bus Services

Retirement Homes

Child & Infant Care

Indigent Care

Addiction Care

Veterinary Care

Children’s Services Council

211 Phone systems

  • And more.



How can one discern pathology versus simple bad decision making?

Pathology is with taking more kids out of classrooms in handcuffs than any other place in the world, right here in Broward County, Florida. Pathology is having more ROTC schools and school “Resource” officers (police) in schools than the most crime-ridden cities in the nation. Pathology is electing a Governor that pled guilty to the largest Medicaid fraud case in history for stealing $250,000,000 dollars and then paid a fine to still be elected.

a child in need needs a teacher friend indeed

Think again if you think you know how punishment is meted out in South Florida, to whom, and why; It is a game to keep the jail beds full to make money for the State, pure and simple. Everyone in the jails and prisons knows it, feels it and suffers for it. It is a game we should not be playing because the pieces on the board are real people and the board is our own neighborhoods.


For the disadvantaged and weak this is not a game; A young Boyd Anderson former football player after projectile vomiting is unable to stay awake in his cell is ignored and denied use of a phone as a laughing matter because he should have known to not bang his head on a police car window or fight with his girlfriend – this is not OK, OK?

Featured Image -- 15

What does a community suffering CPTSD look like?

One Indicator of CPTSD is that there is no “low” below which we won’t sink – No, really; none.

Children and infants and mom’s and dad’s and Grandma’s and Grandpa’s all out on the streets by the hundreds without reliable overnight shelter or food is not OK, OK? If one is confused at where to draw the line beyond which one is unwilling to go – draw it at women and children without adequate food and shelter. Draw this line now, here.


a Continental FUGIO We Are One 1776 Very First One Cent Currency designed by Benjamin Franklin 2

Full Info – Full Directions

All the information needed to accomplish the goal of flipping the jail system from Inhuman to Humane is detailed here.


Small Changes with Big Effect – “Reckless” Behavior Means Class Actionable

Let me explain; the list below seems trivial in some ways, it is not. The list below includes seeming trivial items, for example, “More Access to Phone Directories.” This seems trivial but the BIG EFFECT is that this alone will REDUCE the number of persons in jail and speed their processing in that at any one time up to 20% of ALL those imprisoned are there because they do not have access to an updated or any other phone book or way to find numbers. The item “Make More Calls” solves the attendant problem that even if one did have access to numbers one would still be unable to call anyone since calls are blocked unless set up ahead of time, which is nonsensical and once set up costs money which many do not have all of which is unacceptable.

a Helicopter view of STATUE OF LIBERTY IN broken CHAINS

a Statue of Liberty Chain Broken End Close Up

“Reckless” Behavior Means Class Actionable

Two Blankets Not One; In the Sherriff’s main jail that ALL must go through twice if sent anywhere else the transferee’s and detainee’s and inmates and trustee’s (jail helpers get one day off their sentence for every six days worked – so can work seven days a week I wonder?) Visitors are provided just one blanket and no sheets, just a nasty thin plastic-clad mattress that is used by potentially hundreds between cleanings – the place is a pig-sty downtown and needs a good cleaning far more frequently than it is getting. Two blankets means one can lay on one blanket and use the other as cover or to fold as a make-do pillow since no pillows are provided; a small change for a big effect.


Fix Thinking

Children and Babies and Attorneys are all Equal in Attorneys Eyes since we have both Criminal Purges for children and Civil Purges for civil matters which for all practical purposes means attorneys, Oh My!


Gulf War Veterans Must Deny Being Veteran to Get Treated Right or face having all Government of ones checks and payments cut off by Veterans Administration as if one never existed, OH MY!


When the righteous err; Odd-fact – If one has to bet one’s life that one is being told truth and not lies, ask an inmate, not a jailer and one is far more likely to come out alive.





The CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES says outright and Guarantee’s UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE for all Prisoners – No kidding!


Our founding fathers wrote this solidly into the Constitution In 1776 they knew to write this into our constitution right up front because that was how important it was to them, even way back then – and especially given how prisoners were commonly treated in their day and age.


Here are Some Changes Needed that can be Accomplished Immediately with Little Effort:


Two Blankets not One – in Broward main jail downtown Ft. Lauderdale

More Food – A 140 pound kid losing 14 pounds in one week is NOT OK, OK?

Better Food – Menu items are often missing from that published, Salt is many times maximum suggested, not a scrap of raw vegetables, salad or fruits other than a few apples per week, period.

Hotter Meals – A microwave and heat lamps, perhaps.

Clean Downtown Jail – and provide more water

Faster Indigent Hygiene Goods – waiting a week to get a toothbrush and pencil and paper is NOT, OK, OK?

More Books – than a few dozen random books brought in on a cart once a week for an hour before being wheeled back out.

More Real Outside Time – an enclosed basketball is not anyone’s definition of outside, OK?

More Natural Sunlight – more than zero, OK?

More Access to Phone Directories – It is surreal that a large number of persons are in jail simply for lack of a phone book or directory and access to a phone, using people as cattle, “head for beds,” this is criminal.

More Free Local Calls – see above

More Free Long Distance Calls – see above

More Monitoring of Calls – Means are available and this can be accomplished using new technologies and local effort.

More Legal Help – as compared to none in most cases



Heroin, Alcohol, Pills, Nicotine, Caffeine, Speed and Cocaine

Depression, Dental, skin-related and other illnesses.


Arrange for Dogs & PETS to come visit the Prisons and Jails (i.e.; service animals) under the auspices of the GED program run by the SDBC.


Equity for differently abled not equality

Uber-like Cell-phone App, Maps & Ads for safe places to sleep in ones car if homeless


More Respect

More Humane Imprisonment


Accomplishing ALL of the Above will require Little Time & Little Effort & Little Money

This is done quickly and with very little effort required of anyone in the chain of communications other than a few cell phone calls and emails to the right parties in a chain beginning with you, good reader, today, now as you read along. Each effort made by any of us is a step on the path to the singular goal of flipping our jails from nasty to nice. In this effort we will soon discover that real change cannot be done unless we first flip ourselves from nasty to nice on the outside of our jails to effect the desired changes on the inside.


No Bull – Simple – Fast – Free

Following are the steps as well as their explanations of how each call and email will impact and make more possible the end goal to see jails flip from Harming to Helping and from Punishing to Healing.


No Entities – Just Personal-WILL to Make-It-So

This is a step by step, call by call detailed plan to deliver a complete change in our Broward Jail system without need of a single Sherriff, or lobbyist or politician to change and have attorneys create laws and then have judiciary and police and nowadays, sadly, even use military equipment and tactics to enforce them.


No Money

No new taxes or hidden taxes nor any significant cost or exchange of wealth from one party to another is needed. Just one thing covers it all; the WILL to Make-It-So.

a child in need needs a teacher friend indeed

Everything described below is doable this week – real and lasting improvements begun and done and all accomplished in ONE WEEK! One week beginning now – September 6, 2016.


By Tuesday of next week the entirety of the Jail system from the ground up to the very concepts at its core will be turned topsy-turvy upside-down and Flipped from an Inhumane and factory-robot-people focused on scarcity and competition where errors are opportunities to Punish or be Punished to a jail system that is Humane; and designed to be healing not punishing – where there is the Expectation of creativity focused on Abundance and Cooperation where Errors are seen as Opportunities to Learn and to Teach.


An Appeal to both Faith and Reason on behalf of the Most Vulnerable in Broward County, Florida.


Organized Reckless Institutionalized Predation of the most Vulnerable by the State of Florida is Documented Here as are Real Solutions that take no more than One Week to Implement without Alteration of Laws or Extensive Outlays of Scarce Capital Resources


Problems in our Jail and Prison Systems Call for Dramatic Reforms – Ransom is not Righteousness; Sympathy is not Empathy

It is worth noting that in the mid-1990’s it was the Democratic Bill Clinton that put so many in jail and took away so many prisoner protections – A good old boy deep south Democrat is a good old boy deep south Republican, you hear me, boy? Former president Clinton has since seen the light so he has said in which case a visit would be the least expected upon completion of the following, step by step plan of action.


dog training




OPTIONS FOR MAKING PHONE NUMBERS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY TO ALL INMATES TO ENABLE THEM TO GET OUT – Inmates in jail are given the “opportunity” to “work” off time by allowing themselves to be slaves in lieu of pay, this is common practice and despite the immorality of it, can be used for the time being as the quickest route to providing phone number access to inmates by assigning one of these to each facility to use printed phone books to look up numbers for inmates – problem of phone number access solved and done for the time being at least – NOW!

An electronic system can be arranged for and installed in the following weeks. Free information inquiries to reach out to friends and relative out of State can also be easily and quickly accomplished and delivered within the week by requesting alteration of the current phone system to allow for simple nationwide 411 queries of phone numbers. In regard security issues; automated systems also exist to assist in the screening of calls made by inmates, this is also doable in the coming weeks but need not be implemented immediately in that the current oversight system can be utilized effectively for the time being.

Understand that it is inexcusable and inhumane in the extreme to not have delivered at least this minimum acceptable access and way out for many of these unfortunate victims of a system gone MAD to not be providing reasonable access to phones and numbers by the second week of September 2016.


If you think this is all just the way people are – stop reading right now and go on about your day. For the rest of you – Don’t read further; you are called to immediate action.

No righteous person can read this without feeling immediately compelled to email the Sheriff’s office to demand immediate increased access to phones and phone numbers for inmates. Right now – Later, a complete re-evaluation of the system beginning with a permanent Baddass Momma’s Bison Brigade presence in every facility to can begin fixing things.


Our sons and daughters are in jail because they’ve been kidnapped and cannot call out to friends or family. This is the very definition in the Legal Sense of the word, “Recklessness.” This is recklessness because it is done intentionally to profit by filling jailhouse beds to capacity and beyond. Phone books and access to phones must be provided immediately – not asked for – not to begin a process to secure changes – but DELIVERED and DONE immediately, within the week. Period. OK?



My Background

The Larger National and State Situational Complex PTSD Story and Picture


a challenge to look her in the eye and deny her food and shelter for five days until St of FL calls


None of us has the power to see our will done, we are all equal in our powerlessness against the State – and for this very reason we have a constitution and Democracy and for many also, a religion. This is Organized Recklessness perpetuated by the State of Florida and by the Sheriff in Broward County.

We’ve all read the prison and jail expose stories. This story is different. It is specifically about Broward jails and prisons. If no one you know has been to a prison or jail then don’t be deceived, each of us personally suffer the consequences of our ignorance every day without knowing it, as do family and friends closest to us regardless of their jail or prison history or complete lack thereof. We are not all we can be. You and your family are not all you and they can be. You are all less. We are less. You and those you love have been and are being robbed and impoverished in the deepest sense and meaning of the word. We all suffer the consequences of institutionalized injustices. The institutions and organizations we depend upon to protect us are not all they can be and should be and we can change this.

The information and stories that follow are relevant not just to the broad topic of jails and human rights issues but specifically to the mothers of those raised-up here in Broward County – your children, our children; Broward’s children, young adults, full adults and elderly – all of us are affected when we prey upon the weak, voiceless, and most powerless of us.


Ransom is not Righteousness; Sympathy is not Empathy

Mothers of All Broward Police Officers – There is a visible, tangible difference between the toxic stress levels of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach police forces – and in how they conduct themselves on the street – and they and those they serve and in some cases prey-upon, know it all too well – are you aware of it?

Mothers of All Broward Police Officers – You need to know what the State has done and is doing to your Children that are Police Officers. They are not who they used to be. They are not who you think they are. Mothers of police officers; Your children need your help now as much as and more in many invisible ways than the so-called criminals that they pursue for ransom and not righteousness.

Too many stories, so many, all coming forward in one’s mind demanding to be told – the cacophony is overwhelming. I will try. Please forgive the chaos of the delivery, it is overwhelming and each story, every quote to do it justice would require its own clarion horn to do right by it. I will try. Be patient good reader, please.

Broward School Boards Leading Ladies and Gloria Steinems Wisdom

BOB – A man idly shuffles around the jail, presumably suffering an early dementia perhaps compounded by a life of homelessness and alcoholism. He has no knowledge of what he did to arrive in jail. He also never knows when the last meal was and whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner. He is unable to recall such details as he shuffles his feet to go to and fro. Inmates look out for him as might a mother – an inmate from a nearby table pats him solidly on the back as he chokes on a bite of food. Other inmates patiently reassure him that mealtime is not far away, something they must do repeatedly all day, every day. He was tackled off of his bike one inmate believes, for a missing headlight, as happened to the inmate relaying the story – but no one is sure. Sympathy is visible in the eyes of those nearby as this is discussed and transpires, and searching for irritation at the constant inconvenience one finds no sign of it, astonishingly. These are boys and young men any good momma would be proud to claim as her own. Here is a boy any momma can be proud of.


THOMAS – A young man only just out of Anderson Boyd High School pounds his head against a police cruisers plastic compartment barrier in frustration at his plight and later projectile vomits in his holding cell multiple times then lays down on the cold concrete floor next to the open and stinking urinal with his head under a concrete wall bench, unable to stay awake. Holding cell mates ask if he is aware he might have a concussion. He responds that he’s had lots of concussions and been knocked out playing football and on the streets and that this isn’t a concussion, he’s just tired, and it doesn’t hurt. He is however visibly devastated at what has happened and his being in the cell. His self-diagnosis could not be more incorrect and misguided in that prior concusses dramatically increase health risks from subsequent ones. Officers and nurses notified of the problem say flat out that it isn’t their problem and that he deserves it for bashing his head against State property. Cellmates share food, comforting words and advice with the young man pertaining to his plight – sympathy is visible in their eyes. A small spot of vomit lands on a young man, a veteran of the Gulf Wars,  standing near the toilet – he says nothing and instead hides the incident so as to not further embarrass the boy in distress. These are boys and young men any good momma would be proud to claim as her own. Here is a boy any momma can be proud of.


DANNY – A young man just out of Cooper City High (?) keeps relaying his frustration at his impending loss of a job, place that he lives, and inability to be there for his weekly visitation with his daughter because of an allegedly missed $200 dollar monthly payment, normally automatically taken out of his paycheck but which, perhaps incorrectly, ballooned to $460 in the month just passed without his knowing, perhaps due to a computer error, or to his, but no matter either way. When approached this is his tale of woe – unless pressed, he does not see the need to relay other details in that they seem to him to be less important, by far. Details such as that he was pulled over not for a traffic infraction, or a missing tail light, but for having dreadlocks in a town where police equate dreadlocks with drug possession; he does not mention that the officer approached his vehicle with his hand on his gun. Wearing a construction overall with the companies name above the pocket, when asked if there are any weapons in the car, the young man responds that there is a pocket knife used in his demolition work to cut cords and fuses to which the officer responds with utmost aggression to point his gun point-blank at the forehead of the young boy-man, holding it steady as commands are barked out with the barrel 18 inches from his head. This is all du-rigor and of little note by comparison in this young boys world. He may lose his job not because they would mind his being in jail, but because he cannot call them or anyone else. The phones are there but one must first arrange for them to be able to accept the calls collect through a special State authorized for profit company – but there is no way to set this up since no one can call out to let outsiders to set up the service – it is absurd. The officers lie without a thought and say the system is telling the people being called how to set it up even though this is not true – people call again and again thinking the people are being informed to set up a collect call system but no calls are going through. The guards lie and don’t care that there is no phone access – it keeps everyone employed and as the guards often say, it isn’t their job to make it comfortable, they are there to keep everyone alive only – and many see inflicting of punishment and pain while keeping inmates alive as their job and who can blame them since this is exactly what the entire system is clearly set up to do, precisely. It is not about saving money; many injustices done inmates cost more, not less, but are done for the purpose of making life inside less tolerable, not more – and to keep people there to be profited from longer. No one has any way to make phone calls and no one knows the numbers they need to call since cell phones now do for us what our memories used to do.

kidsThe young man bemoans missing that weekend’s visitation with his daughter and worries that he could be there for anything from weeks to months without any way to know or affect the outcome other than to wait. When asked to name any injustices done him, he does not mention those things just written of, the injustice foremost in his mind is how he is treated and that his daughter is the one that ultimately suffers, is suffering, and will suffer as the only outcome. He does not rage against the State’s using him as if he were a cow to be milked and keep the system going and financially viable on his and his daughter’s backs. I do, but hold my tongue. He is right. My righteousness is as nothing to his and I am ashamed. These are boys and young men any good momma would be proud to claim as her own. Here is a boy any momma can be proud of.



Michael in wheelchair





Fix Thinking

an attendance boost to schools from pets in classrooms

Capture peace

a FB heart pic with infant feet




In-process Miscellany;


Weakest, Voiceless and Powerless among us – Broward Children, Broward Young Adults, Broward Elderly, Broward Special Needs, Broward Sick and Diseased, Broward War Veterans


No additional shrapnel removal operations because vet asked to go back second and third times


Vet saying not a vet to get treated right and not have income denied


Homeless vets


No socks restraints

One blanket main jail and floor beds

Alcohol and heroin detox

One Blanket

3am breakfast

Same food – salt?

Missing items from posted menu

Loss of weight

No medical care if expensive for Hep C

No minimization of transport

Long transport

Private medical

Even traffic ticket on parole can mean jail

No real outdoors

No books no indigent kits

Loss of weight

Shortages of hygienic supplies, or none at all

No books

No microwave or adequate tv


Music – DMX – Prayers

Book – 48 something something

Book – Pale Horseman


Have SDBC stop giving GEDs and all else


Post no access to Broward Sherriff at all Humane Shelters


Free outdoor concerts and loud music streetblasters outside prison and jail facilities till demands met

awesom example of equity vs equality for Broward Floridas Diversity School Board Committee

corp flagCapture ricka truth told with good intent is a good thing indeed agreed yes question mark

a technogain space boat floating city and space elevator building of coursea Continental FUGIO We Are One 1776 Very First One Cent Currency designed by Benjamin Franklin 2a revolution