Behaviorally Transmitted Epidemics of Toxic Stress, Complex PTSD and a Dysfunctional Mindset of Scarcity, Self-Interest & Competition are Real and are the ROOT Cause of Endemic Poverty – This is the HOLY GRAIL of all social spending efforts; The Tipping Point is here – ABUNDANCE Awaits!

RE: Is society at a tipping point and is the leverage point needed now at hand in the form of Complex PTSD, Trauma-Awareness, ACE’s & Resilience?
Non-profit organizations and communities must reorganize around Trauma-Awareness. – No page of anyone’s literature or web presence, nor presentation or discussion of any depth should be had without mention of trauma awareness and of the capacity for adverse childhood experiences, ACE’s, and Complex PTSD to spread behaviorally and to result in actual epidemic outbreaks just as to speak of disease without mention of germs is unconscionable. This new focus should be backed by a depth of understanding as provided in the Addenda here-attached.
We must keep up with the times, info is doubling every year or two now, so it is quite understandable if your own company, organization, or community has not – Let this diatribe be the deciding factor to spur you to move on this immediately and with fidelity.
It is time to redesign every website and organizational mentality around not just TRAUMA-AWARENESS as many have done and are already doing, but also around the behavioral transmission of CPTSD and the potential of Epidemics – We are at a tipping point and in a competition between minds having a mindset of scarcity and competitive self-interest versus minds focused on abundance and cooperative group-interest – it is this dialectical competition that defines sociality itself, it is a literal competition for blood and the energy that blood brings between competing structures within our bicameral brains (hemispheric caudate nucleus’s) and this is why we humans are the most social creatures on the planet.
In regard the landmark Compton California class action lawsuit which has Complex PTSD as a main focus of it’s claims; I may have speed read past the headline of “landmark ruling” to presume a settlement occurred which has not – an agreement was mandated by a judge to have occurred by June 2016. I can find no mention of anything anywhere, very oddly I cannot find a single mention on the internet nor article published in over a year on the subject of the Compton, CA lawsuit – none whatsoever!
The benefit and necessity of a second, supporting case in Broward CA or Chicago Ill., or both, is now even more critical and relevant.
Onward, to an ever brighter future, thanks to our children,
754 366 9807
– For those that wish to know more… and who doesn’t! 
We must not fear using the word “epidemic” nor the descriptive phrase “behaviorally transmitted” when referring to issues such as trauma-awareness, Complex-PTSD, and ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences). Our defining characteristic as humans is our extreme sociality, not the size of our brains, upright stature, monuments of stone, nor opposable thumbs; Behavioral transmission of significant morphological changes in our brains and in who we are, how we see the world, process information, and think is real and so is the potential for epidemics. The flip side to this dire sounding edict, as with the dire-sounding edict that there are millions of invisible living things on our hands and bodies that spread fatal diseases, is that we have technologies and philosophies, even religions, at hand to deal with the negative consequences of these realities.

It is time that we, in a sense, rise above our biology – or at least, lead our biology to a near-future world where it is not goods that are seen as scarce and valuable commodities, but people, in that no matter how earnestly we seek to procreate we will never be able to make babies faster than we can make beds and other goods for those babies – and where energy, materials, and space are known to be infinite so that it will be goods that compete for people and not people for goods. Dr. Sapolsky of Stanford University has conducted ground-breaking research on a baboon troop in which just such a “shift” in group-consciousness occurred and I urge those not familiar with his work to read up on his work in this area.

Dr. Sandra Bloom, also, has written extensively on this, and many of you are surely already familiar with her work, it is seminal. Her work stands out because of its clarity in describing the effects of individual CPTSD on the mass-psychology of communities and especially on the effects of CPTSD on the institutions and organizations dealing with mental illness and health in general. Dr. Bloom wrote of what she knew. She wrote of how in every good effort undertaken by an “affected” organization there would be resistance to facing its organizational illness and further, an element extant within that good effort that acts to keep the status quo and that for this reason great mindfulness to this must be made. She also wrote of the resistance to facing CPTSD issues that can be exhibited organizationally just as it is in individuals – a homeostatic resistance syndrome, or HRS. Dr. Bloom did not fully grasp I don’t believe that her keen insights apply much, much more broadly to all organizations and institutions in society, especially those serving the weakest and most voiceless of us, the young, old, sick, poor, incarcerated, differently abled, and cultural outcasts. What she described is the consequences of a constant battle for blood and energy between the portions of our brains that seek to optimize a balance between self-interest and group-interest which defines every second of our conscious awareness as the human beings and as the most social creature on planet Earth.

These issues have a deep evolutionary foundation – Culture is biology, and biology is culture. In the days of the cold war and Lysenkoism (a primitive epigenetics), science underwent a bifurcation and two equally incorrect extremes were taken by the two sides, East and West, so that the middle-ground where reality lay was left unexplored – this was, incidentally, a consequence of a severe black/white thought pattern influencing the scientific paradigm of the day (aka Kuhn) due to the social stress of the cold war and attendant threat of imminent nuclear destruction.
Maintaining a Societal and Biophysiological Chaotic Dynamical Equilibrium at the Tipping-Point ~ Culture is Biology, and Biology is Chemistry, and Chemistry is Physics, and Physics is; Maintaining an optimum setpoint that is neither too rigid and frozen (conservative in the social sense), nor too fluid and changing (creative) so as to become washed-out and without discernable form or order. To keep a dynamical system in this half-frozen and half-liquid dynamical state requires a means of regulation, a regulatory mechanism (aka Stuart A. Kauffman). In steam engines this problem was solved of keeping the engines from going faster, and faster until they blew apart) by use of a spinning weight (called a “regulator”), that functioned as a burden to weigh down the process and which burden grew due to inertia as the speed increased so did its inertia, or virtual weight, accordingly.
Culture is Biology and Biology is Culture
We, and all other creatures, even microbes, are pre-wired at a cellular level to maintain ourselves at a set degree of preparedness for future extinction events based on both the frequency of deep history and recent past extinction events and on the current degree of hardship to survive. This “preparedness” exhibits itself as a hysteresis or more accurately, “hormesis” – meaning that our systems run at a set degree not at or above, but below their maximum capacity for performance so that our sensitivity to stressors is amplified and what our actual physical machinery can handle is dampened, not heightened, under certain conditions. Hormesis is why we don’t “run” to the fridge after a hard days work to grab a beer, we walk, and is why we don’t run all the time, at our top possible speed when we do things everywhere we go, in fact – we moderate and regulate “naturally.” Why would a biological system dampen down its own optimal performance in such fashion, it often does not benefit individual survival to do so, and why stress out over not being able to reach one’s finger deep enough into a hole to dig out a grub? Hormetic stress grooms our genome for survival and leaves those with longer fingers to survive where those with shorter fingers do not – and the deciding factor is not the grubs retrieved or their lack, but the stress associated with the process which magnifies the loss of protein far beyond the shortfall that actually results – how far beyond is a factor of how stressed our genome and epigenome has been in the past as the result of having experienced past extinction events. I believe there is a universal factor that can describe the optimum setting of this “offsetting” that has a physical analogy in the Boltzmann constant that governs thermodynamic equilibrium as the equivalent of homeostasis (unpublished). Organically, what is being influenced is metabolism and metabolic rate in the physical sense, and in the societal sense cooperativeness and creativity – it is the homeostatic regulator, that, like steam engines of old, keeps the machine from running too fast and in this case, also too efficiently, too creatively so that change happens too fast societally, and with too much fecundity. I spent a number of years playing with artificial agent simulations seeking to discover this universal number and defacto simultaneously provide a proof by the anniversary of Darwin’s great exposition of evolution some time back now, but the kernels used in the chips themselves have a flaw it turns out and such determinations are apriori not possible, and indeed accurate determinations of irrational constants are not possible without very specialized hardware it turns out, surprisingly (and irritatingly) – my poor programming abilities aside.
A Gold Mine Awaits
Why relay so much seemingly esoteric information? – Because this is a very serious matter of deep consequence moving forward into the future for all of mankind – Will we rise above our biology to become masters of our world and of ourselves, or will be continue to follow its edicts, written in our every cell, that makes us chase each other around like the baboons in Dr. Saplosky’s research, keeping ourselves busy making ourselves miserable for 80% of the time while only utilizing 20% of the time for foraging and lovemaking?
Are we at a tipping point and ready to “flip” our societal mindset from one whose primary focus is on self-interest and competition evolutionarily optimized to deal with a world of frequent extinction events and scarcity to one of group-interest and cooperation as the optimal adaptation to a universe of abundance? When calculations are done for the “cost” of child abuse and exposure to violence and direct calculations made as has been done for Alaska most recently for example – the numbers produced do not remotely touch on the magnitude of the real costs – the real effect can be described in complicated sounding words and mathematics but it can also be seen by each of us in our own lives and in the lives of those around us in the vast amount of time that we each spend dealing with personal situations that are painfully unacceptable and illogical. Each of us spends 20 to 80 percent or more of our time dealing with the “problems” of ourselves and others and this same sad statistic can be directly related to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the actual costs are. This is a linear extrapolation of directly experienced negative repercussions and costs – the holistic large-picture view will show the magnitude of negative effect to be many, many times the GDP if done non-linearly – as a real cost, real in every sense of the world.  The difference between scarcity and abundance is a gap that is literally unimaginable, or nearly so.
Everyday Experience and Common-sense are Sufficient
One need not have a familiarity with all of the scientific principals touched on in the prior exposition to be able to fully grasp what is meant when I say that the cost is far beyond what is discussed in our literature – to rise above our biology in exactly the fashion here-discussed is precisely what every religion that has ever existed came about to strive to achieve and lies at the core of each – each of us, every single one of us knows all too well the amount of time we spend personally dealing with difficult emotional “issues” that arise in our own and others lives and which we take for granted as part of life and the natural order of things – it is natural, but it is not preordained and inevitable that such huge proportions of our time and energies be spent on dealing with the illogical inefficiencies of our and others “bad” behaviors that entail, easily, 80% of our directly measured attentions during a typical day and which if measured non-linearly, are… immeasurably far from where our true potential lays in a world of infinite abundance. What is meant by “immeasurable” and why use such a word one may well ask; When one is visiting a place one may be inclined to leave garbage behind, or even to plunder, but if one is going to be in a place indefinitely, one will take proper care of it, so too with humanity once our lifespans become extended without bound. It is a scientific fact that there are no fundamental scientific laws as barriers to our being able to live forever, we can harvest energy from giant floating “boats” – open bags actually, floating upon the atmosphere stable in geosynchronous low earth orbit and woven in-place my fast moving funicular spinnerets rising up from earth at near escape velocity speed (unpublished) and also capable of weaving earth to space elevators able to to slingshot people and payloads to the planets using the centrifugal force of our rotating planet itself, and even generate energy from the effort rather than see it as an energy cost, and all without pollution or any of the other delusionary ghosts that haunt our dreams of future abundance.  When we live forever, as we can if we so wished it, one may be many things in life as a career or none, and it is people and their desires and creativity that will be the new economic engines that drive near infinitely abundant goods, space, time and energy to compete for the scarce resource of what will always be in comparison, the relatively finite resource of people as the consumers of that which we create.
Here is the HOLY GRAIL of all social charity spending;
Targeting resources at the social sector need no longer be seen as charity and as money tossed down a hole but as true investment in the real sense of the term, and with sky-high returns that are scientifically provable in both dollars and in the intangibles of societal happiness and wellbeing as well. Further, the mathematics and science of modern network theory of nodes and interconnectedness tells us that with the addition of modern computing power and availability of big data sources it is provably feasible to be able to target with scarce resources a small proportion of as little as just 3% of those in greatest need who are most connected in key geographic regions to bring about a large-scale phase change in the larger system of which we are all embedded (S.A. Kauffman, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi).
Costs far Beyond Dollars – The Anorexic Holocaust as Example;
The dimensions of “cost” as discussed above are not limited however to the financial and monetary as gauged by the availability of goods alone, there is an emotional “abundance” to look forward to and a dire cost we now pay with but little awareness of the full magnitude, outside of religious prognostications, of where we are now compared to where we could be societally in terms of happiness and bliss as compared to hardship and misery. A particularly poignant example is near at hand and I’ll relay it now in the hope it will resonate with one of you reading this and spur you to take immediate action on it in fact, since it is quite actionable in the here and now – People suffering anorexia are dying needlessly and it is preventable but for our own societal CPTSD writ large. Their bodies and psyches have been exposed to a degree of hardship that has made them do the equivalent of what a microbe does when exposed to hardship, it encysts to survive beyond the hardship and to procreate another day. Every cell of the anorexic tells them to do this and they voice the deep evolutionary imperative that literally every single cell and fiber of their being screams out to them with unbelievable eloquence and sincerity when they speak, but their words fall on empty ears. What great irony it is that by all rights, were they supported in the least that the majority of them would not only live long lives, but live longer lives than any of us that are not anorexic in that they are able to naturally restrict their caloric intake without effort and thus will reap an additional ten, twenty, and perhaps thirty years of additional lifespan – instead of dying at the hand of their re-abuse societally by our medical profession at rates approaching 80% mortality post diagnosis and treatment within a short span of time. What is the cost to these fragile souls that instead of supporting them to survive to be among the longest-lived humans among us, that we so shame and blame them that they wither and die under our “care?” How sick and full of braggadocio of a society must we be to continue this with such steadfast blindness to cause persons as fragile as this to suffer and die in such large numbers?
It is up to us, and to you, more specifically – what is your will in this? Will you now “make it so?” Will you?

One thought on “Behaviorally Transmitted Epidemics of Toxic Stress, Complex PTSD and a Dysfunctional Mindset of Scarcity, Self-Interest & Competition are Real and are the ROOT Cause of Endemic Poverty – This is the HOLY GRAIL of all social spending efforts; The Tipping Point is here – ABUNDANCE Awaits!

  1. […] March 8, 2017 horseofmanycolors Hello Ms. Cardazon (and any other interested stakeholders),   1. Is collaboration on the subject of Ho’oponopono Healing Circles to replace Restorative Justice Courts of any interest to you? Yes/No?   2. In specific reference to the “behavioral transmission” of toxic trauma and its physical consequences and correlates including Complex PTSD, ACE’s, and other such related traits and outcomes; Are you interested in collaborating on defining the parameters of true epidemiological pathology that is needed to quantify the circumstances that do and do not qualify as true epidemic situations in the clinical, medical sense of the term “epidemic,” and involving key measurable quantifiers such as exposure frequency & rate of transmittal, exposure dwell times, etcetera? Yes/No?   What is meant by a Ho’oponopono Healing Circle?   A trauma-aware Ho’oponopono Circle differs from a Restorative Justice Student Court in that instead of the perpetrator of the wrong standing in the middle with one’s peers standing around in a circle and pointing accusatory blaming fingers at the perpetrator in the middle of everyone as their focus; everyone is to stand in the same circle, perpetrator included, and as each takes a turn speaking, each person is to point only at themselves and discuss what they personally could have done differently and to discuss their own ability to bring illumination by describing their own direct or peripheral personal complicity in the wrong done. Sequentially, the perpetrator and those most wronged go last after hearing all others speak first of how they failed to guide, lead by example, and educate the perpetrator in various ways specific to the circumstances.   I am imagining and proposing the use of Socio-Emotionally supportive Ho’oponopono Circles as Behavioral Interventions to replace Restorative Justice Youth Courts which are fundamentally flawed in that;   (1) Restorative Justice Courts are inherently not trauma aware because the focus is on what the child did, and not on what was done to the child.   (2) Even the name of the practice of Restorative Justice is harmful and troublesome. Justice applied children is Immoral; Error is an opportunity to learn and teach, not punish and judge – and to grow through empathy. Schools must become a literal Safe Sanctuary for children from our adult madness of dysphoric self-interest.   (3) Youth courts put the expectation on the children themselves to fix their own problems with little adult guidance and thus risk a “Lord of the Flies” response.   What is proposed is that Ho’oponopono Healing Circles involve every adult and pre-adult person within a child’s sphere of family support and acquaintances with inclusion of the child’s peers optional based on the situation – note that as far as being a negative dis-inhibitor of future similar actions (errors), that this goes far beyond any physical pain of corporal punishment which punishment always risks being seen as a badge of honor by a child’s peers – no child wants to be the center of such scrutiny as here-proposed which would involve every person that they know in the world and others potentially also such as authority figures, school principals and superintendents, local first-responders, and perhaps even the mayor of the town or city as possible examples. In short, most children would opt for outright physical torture and stripping of all possessions and privileges in lieu of such a social disrobing and sharing (scrutiny) of their personal life with their community writ-large as a Ho’oponopono Healing Circle represents.   Interested?   Onward, to an ever brighter future, thanks to our kids, Michael 754-366-9807   ADDENDA – The big-big picture behind the above effort.   Behaviorally Transmitted Epidemics of Complex PTSD and a Dysfunctional Mindset of Scarcity, Self-Interest & Competition are Real and are the Real Cause of Endemic Poverty – ABUNDANCE Awaits!   RE: Is society at a tipping point and is the leverage point needed now at hand in the form of Complex PTSD, Trauma-Awareness, ACE’s & Resilience?… […]

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