Collaborate on an Epidemiological map of area’s suffering Epidemic Outbreaks of Behaviorally Transmitted Complex PTSD, ACE’s & Toxic Stress? Collaborate on Ho’oponopono Healing Circles to replace Restorative Justice Courts?

Hello Ms. Cardazon (and any other interested stakeholders),
1. Is collaboration on the subject of Ho’oponopono Healing Circles to replace Restorative Justice Courts of any interest to you? Yes/No?
2. In specific reference to the “behavioral transmission” of toxic trauma and its physical consequences and correlates including Complex PTSD, ACE’s, and other such related traits and outcomes; Are you interested in collaborating on defining the parameters of true epidemiological pathology that is needed to quantify the circumstances that do and do not qualify as true epidemic situations in the clinical, medical sense of the term “epidemic,” and involving key measurable quantifiers such as exposure frequency & rate of transmittal, exposure dwell times, etcetera? Yes/No?
What is meant by a Ho’oponopono Healing Circle?
A trauma-aware Ho’oponopono Circle differs from a Restorative Justice Student Court in that instead of the perpetrator of the wrong standing in the middle with one’s peers standing around in a circle and pointing accusatory blaming fingers at the perpetrator in the middle of everyone as their focus; everyone is to stand in the same circle, perpetrator included, and as each takes a turn speaking, each person is to point only at themselves and discuss what they personally could have done differently and to discuss their own ability to bring illumination by describing their own direct or peripheral personal complicity in the wrong done. Sequentially, the perpetrator and those most wronged go last after hearing all others speak first of how they failed to guide, lead by example, and educate the perpetrator in various ways specific to the circumstances.
I am imagining and proposing the use of Socio-Emotionally supportive Ho’oponopono Circles as Behavioral Interventions to replace Restorative Justice Youth Courts which are fundamentally flawed in that;
(1) Restorative Justice Courts are inherently not trauma aware because the focus is on what the child did, and not on what was done to the child.
(2) Even the name of the practice of Restorative Justice is harmful and troublesome. Justice applied children is Immoral; Error is an opportunity to learn and teach, not punish and judge – and to grow through empathy. Schools must become a literal Safe Sanctuary for children from our adult madness of dysphoric self-interest.
(3) Youth courts put the expectation on the children themselves to fix their own problems with little adult guidance and thus risk a “Lord of the Flies” response.
What is proposed is that Ho’oponopono Healing Circles involve every adult and pre-adult person within a child’s sphere of family support and acquaintances with inclusion of the child’s peers optional based on the situation – note that as far as being a negative dis-inhibitor of future similar actions (errors), that this goes far beyond any physical pain of corporal punishment which punishment always risks being seen as a badge of honor by a child’s peers – no child wants to be the center of such scrutiny as here-proposed which would involve every person that they know in the world and others potentially also such as authority figures, school principals and superintendents, local first-responders, and perhaps even the mayor of the town or city as possible examples. In short, most children would opt for outright physical torture and stripping of all possessions and privileges in lieu of such a social disrobing and sharing (scrutiny) of their personal life with their community writ-large as a Ho’oponopono Healing Circle represents.
Onward, to an ever brighter future, thanks to our kids,
Michael 754-366-9807
ADDENDA – The big-big picture behind the above effort.
Behaviorally Transmitted Epidemics of Complex PTSD and a Dysfunctional Mindset of Scarcity, Self-Interest & Competition are Real and are the Real Cause of Endemic Poverty – ABUNDANCE Awaits!
RE: Is society at a tipping point and is the leverage point needed now at hand in the form of Complex PTSD, Trauma-Awareness, ACE’s & Resilience?

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