Behaviorally Transmitted Epidemics of Toxic Stress, Complex PTSD and a Dysfunctional Mindset of Scarcity, Self-Interest & Competition are Real and are the ROOT Cause of Endemic Poverty – This is the HOLY GRAIL of all social spending efforts; The Tipping Point is here – ABUNDANCE Awaits!


RE: Is society at a tipping point and is the leverage point needed now at hand in the form of Complex PTSD, Trauma-Awareness, ACE’s & Resilience?
Non-profit organizations and communities must reorganize around Trauma-Awareness. – No page of anyone’s literature or web presence, nor presentation or discussion of any depth should be had without mention of trauma awareness and of the capacity for adverse childhood experiences, ACE’s, and Complex PTSD to spread behaviorally and to result in actual epidemic outbreaks just as to speak of disease without mention of germs is unconscionable. This new focus should be backed by a depth of understanding as provided in the Addenda here-attached.
We must keep up with the times, info is doubling every year or two now, so it is quite understandable if your own company, organization, or community has not – Let this diatribe be the deciding factor to spur you to…

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