Segregationist Big-Corp-Tobacco HID a Confabulating LONGEVITY-factor to get $200 BILLION Settlement & avoid Bankruptcy; Demand a $500 Billion Do-Over!

To access the data-sets, the American Cancer Society of the mid-Century had scientists sign an agreement to not conduct any studies showing any positive outcomes in regard tobacco use and to not publish any positive results in the course of the studies they undertake – Surreal!


REOPEN THE $200 BILLION DOLLAR BIG-TOBACCO SETTLEMENT! Did segregationists in Big-Government and Big-Corporate-Tobacco HIDE data showing a countervailing LONGEVITY-EFFECT in order to secure a settlement & avoid bankruptcy from individual tobacco lawsuits? This could show the first proven ability to extend mankind’s maximum lifespan and if so, then by definition deliver unheard of reductions in all of the main NCD’s – Non Communicable Diseases – Cardiovascular/Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, Asthma, and Arthritis.

Did we really create an entire charter industry in order to PROTECT kids from PUBLIC-SCHOOL Teachers – Seriously? Here is evidence that Big-Government and Big-Tobacco Corporate and Attorney Interests were all in together on the deal to hurriedly secure solvency for Big Tobacco and they deceived the public to do it. Big Corporate interests, Big Government and Big Science all had to hide this scientific information or else the tobacco settlement would NOT have happened – so…

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